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It’s that time of year again where we stuff ourselves with delicious food, watch football and enjoy watching the New York City Macy’s Day Parade (whether it be here in New York or on your TV at home). It is always fun prepping for this family day – I especially love it because it is non-religious and everyone can enjoy it together.

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Mother’s Day is always a special day of the year where every mom deserves major credit!  Treat your mama right and follow these easy steps to make an adorable craft to hang on the refrigerator to show your mom how much you LOVE and appreciate her!

Time to Make: 20-25 minutes

What you will need:

  • 2 white paper plates
  • Non-Toxic Paint (any color your child loves)
  • Pen Marker (any color you like!)
  • Hole puncher
  • 6 inches of yarn (or any string of your choice)


  1. Take a blank white paper plate and turn it upside down
  2. Take any color pen marker and (have an adult) write the following poem, or any poem that your child may choose:
  3. I miss you when you we’re not together
    I’m growing up so fast
    See how big I’ve gotten
    Since you saw me last?
    As I grow, I’ll change a lot,
    The years will fly right by.
    You’ll wonder how I grew so quickly
    When and where and why?
    So look upon this handprint
    That’s hanging on your wall.
    And memories will come back for me,
    When I was very small!

    XXX (child’s name)

  4. Place a big dollop of paint on your 2nd white paper plate.
  5. Take your child’s left or right hand (palm facing down) and with your child’s fingers spread wide, place into the dollop of paint
  6. Make sure that the palm of your child’s hand is fully covered with the paint of his/her choice!
  7. Take your original first plate with the poem and make sure it is turned right side up!
  8. Place your child’s hand that is covered in paint onto the middle of the plate to make a handprint.
  9. Let the plate dry for 20-25 minutes
  10. Use your hole puncher to make a hole at the top of the front side of the plate (about ½ inch from the edge).
  11. String the yarn through the hole and tie a knot.
  12. Voila and enjoy!  Any mommy can now hang her plate with joy on her refrigerator or wall in your home.

PS – Don’t forget to give your mom a BIG hug and kiss and say I LOVE YOU! One of the best gifts of all. 😉

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Kira making Lion and Lamb Note Holders

For us here on the West Coast, April weather seemed to roar in like a Lion, but move out like a lamb.  So, I thought these crafty Lion and Lamb Note Holders that my co-worker Robyn, mom to Kira (10-years-old) and Alyssa (2 ½ -years-old), created for their refrigerator last year were apropos.  Not only were they fun to make, but their family still uses them on a daily basis! The ‘legs’ hold small pieces of paper that are useful for writing all of “those lists and notes” that so many of us parents must tally and keep track of.  I found a couple of different ways to make these nifty holders, depending on your (and your child’s) attention span and skill level. 

Option #1: (up to 2 hours)
Difficulty Level: 2 (of 10)
Note: This uses quilling, a decorative paper-rolling technique.


  • Colored construction paper (white, orange)
  • Toothpick
  • Card stock (white, yellow, black)
  • Glue (Elmers type and non-toxic)
  • Googly eyes (found at your nearest craft store)
  • Colored Marker Pens (orange or black)
  • Clothes pins (2 per note holder, and found at your nearest hardware or craft store)
  • Magnetic strip (optional)

Step 1

  1. For each, start by cutting a few dozen 1/8-inch-wide strips of colored paper, each at least 4 inches long. Curl each strip tightly around a toothpick.
  2. Next, cover a rounded, 3-inch card stock body with glue and attach the curls. Cut out a card stock face and ears, adding googly eyes and other facial features, and glue them all in place. Allow the glue to dry (20 minutes).
  3. For the legs, which also serve as note holders, glue 2 clothespins to the back of the body. Stand the critter on a table or attach magnetic strips to the back and stick it to your fridge, then post your message in the clips. For an added touch, either paint the legs to match the bodies or cover them with an appropriate colored cardstock.

Option #2: (up to 1 hour)
Difficulty Level: 1 


  • Cotton balls or white pompoms
  • Orange yarn
  • Card stock (white, yellow, black)
  • Glue (Elmers type and non-toxic)
  • Colored Marker Pens (orange and black)
  • Clothes pins (2 per note holder, and found at your nearest hardware or craft store)
  • Magnetic strip (optional)
  • Googly eyes (optional, found at your nearest craft store)


  1. For the lamb, cover a rounded, 3-inch white card stock body with glue and attach cottonballs.
  2. Cut strips of yarn and glue to a rounded, 3-inch yellow card stock body with on end starting in the center and moving to the outside of you circle.
  3. Cut out a cardstock face and ears for each. Draw the nose and mouth on the cardstock then attached googly eyes (or draw on eyes or cut eyes out of colored paper). Glue faces in place.
  4. For the legs, see option one (3).

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