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Adorable Claire in her Flower Power dress!

Adorable Claire in her Flower Power dress!

Recently, my boyfriend and I went to his mom’s house for a birthday celebration for his sister (Tayler), his stepdad (Frank), Frank’s sister (Cindy) and Frank’s mom (Judy) — yes, my boyfriend has a big family! Cindy and her husband, Joel have a beautiful little girl named Claire. I was sitting at the dinner table chatting it up with everyone when Cindy walked into the room carrying Claire. That made me stop, point and exclaim, “She’s wearing le•top!” Everyone kind of stared and looked at me funny, but I was so excited to (randomly) see our clothes on someone in “real” life, and not just the models in our books! Claire was wearing the Flower Power dress from our fall 2008 collection.

I explained to everyone that I worked for the company that made her beautiful dress, and that’s when I got all the wonderful feedback from Claire’s mom. She got this dress as a gift from a friend, and it’s one of her favorites. Cindy said she loves the way it fits on Claire, and she absolutely loves the fabric and the way it feels. I know this must sound a little weird, but seeing her in that dress made my night! Claire looked adorable! I just loved hearing all the wonderful things that everyone was saying about “our” dress that night. I was so excited and (powerfully) proud to say that I work for the company that made it!

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