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The summer is fully in effect and the sun is shining high! What better way to take advantage of a sunny day than with a picnic? The components are so easy to make that kids can do most of the work themselves. The biggest challenge is organizing and packing everything so that it arrives at the destination intact.

Here are some fun ideas to include in your picnic! Kids love to help put it together…it could be in your backyard, nearby park or even at the beach! My niece, Ella, loves to do a mini “fruit picnic” after her summer day camp!

Veggie Time!
Wash vegetables, then pat dry so they’ll stay crisp. While an adult chops celery and peppers, kids can snap green beans and put cherry tomatoes and vegetables into plastic bags.

Party Mix
Go through your pantry for dried fruits, nuts, and other bite-size sweet and salty snacks. I love dried bananas and cranberries, sunflower seeds, shredded coconut, chocolate chips, raisins, pretzels, cashews, and peanuts. Put a handful of each into a large bowl, and then stir gently. Store in a hard-sided container to keep ingredients from getting crushed.

Graham Sandwiches
These delicious treats are a no-bake alternative to sandwich cookies. To make, spread homemade or store-bought frosting between two graham cracker halves; I love to use store bought chocolate frosting for some, vanilla for others, or both. Stack and store in a hard-sided container.

Pack Fruit in Baggies
I love to pack crisp grapes or plump strawberries for the trip! Throw ‘em in a baggy and go.

Sandwich Assembly Line
Set up a sandwich-assembly line, making sure each sandwich gets bread, meats, cheese and lettuce and even mayo if your kiddo is into it. Make sure to wrap them in wax paper… Seal the sandwiches with different colored stickers; that way you can tell at a glance which is turkey and which is ham, etc. 


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Do you think your mom is the bee’s knees? Well here is something simple you can do for Mom on Mother’s Day that she will love.

It’s a picnic
Let Mom kick back on a picnic blanket and enjoy the amazing meal you have prepared for her. After all, she deserves it after everything she does for you all year. This is something that can be done inside or out depending on the weather.

Where to go?
Does Mom prefer a park, the wilderness, or your backyard? Make sure it is a place that you think SHE would enjoy. On the way there stop by a farmers market if you think Mom would like it. If the weather’s not great have a picnic in the living room.

Food to bring:
Keep it simple and portable. Finger food is great so you don’t have to bring as many utensils. Dad will more than likely have to be part of the process to surprise Mom and make her feel truly special.

  • Easy and yummy food options:
    Peanut butter and jelly or turkey sandwich
    Chopped up vegetables with dip or hummus
    Cheese and crackers
    Chip and salsa
    Cubed fresh fruit
    Homemade cookies and brownies
    Salads are a light option, but they do require utensils.
  • Drinks:
    What does mom like? Bring an assortment of beverages for the whole family and don’t forget the cups/glasses if necessary.

Other items:
Make sure you bring a blanket to sit on that will fit everyone.
Bring plates, bowls, cups, serving utensils, napkins, bottle opener and utensils to eat with depending on your meal.

Mom may want to just sit and watch the kids and dad play or maybe she wants to participate. It should be up to her on her special day. Make sure to bring toys or activities to keep everyone busy.

Have fun with Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

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