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As parents we all want our children to eat healthy and learn “healthy eating habits.” As a child I remember being rewarded with fruit for dessert and rarely had ice cream and sweets (perhaps on the weekend) and it was a “treat” if I had fruit snacks in my lunch. Left and right I see parents who abuse sugar and allowing their kids to have to much candy and sweets – then I wonder, do they know how bad it really is for the kids? Is candy or a popsicle in the morning really that healthy for your child? Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t poison, but what type of eating lifestyle are you setting your child to have for the rest of their lives? In my opinion, it is all about moderation. I had a boyfriend where his parents didn’t allow sweets in their house growing up – he was out of college and ate my entire See’s candy box because he didn’t know how to control himself! Scary! In moderation, foods that contain sugar can be a reasonable addition to a well-rounded diet.

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