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There are many traditions that we follow here at le•top, and Chinese New Year is a big one! Since my husband, Paul is from Hong Kong, as well as having family and spending so much time there, the traditions of the Lunar New Year are very near and dear to us…even if they are loud and cause a ruckus! I will also admit that we love celebrating and having fun at work, too.

Traditional Firecracker Lighting and Big Bang!

Traditional Firecracker Lighting and Big Bang!

One time-honored observance at this festive time of year is the setting off of firecrackers — hundreds and hundreds of them! They’re each rolled up in red paper — red is a very auspicious color — and strung together on a long fused string. The mythology is that because firecrackers are so deafening (you can see we’re covering our ears!), the popping and booming sounds are thought to scare away evil spirits — not to mention, in modern times, to set off car alarms!

Red firecracker paper...like red leaves of fall!

Red firecracker paper...like brilliant red leaves of fall!

Kung Hay Fat Choy! Wishing everyone happiness, health and great prosperity!

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