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It’s still early on in my pregnancy, but I have passed the “big marker” of the first trimester!  WOO HOO! Things are looking clear for the road ahead.  Considering a pregnancy is 40 weeks, I am trying to take everything in stride.  “Enjoying” pregnancy is a word I would beg to differ with, however, with no morning sickness in the first trimester, and an increase of energy on the rise (most days) I guess it is a suitable word; I’m just concerned about the days to come…

Measured baby and waving baby views

Now that everything is out in the open and I am starting to show, the next big question everyone has is “are you going to find out the sex of the baby?”  The answer is a definite NO….just kidding, it’s a YES!  How could a planner like me not want to find out the gender!  With trying to keep everything in stride, this is the next goal I have laid out.  Only 5 more weeks until we find out!!!  PLUS I will reach another milestone at that same time – I will be HALF WAY THROUGH!!!! Hallelujah!  My husband, his grandfather and half of the family is rooting for a boy.  If it is a boy, he will be the first to carry on the family name; what a task!  Me? I really don’t care one way or the other – seriously.  I would be happy with either.  I have two friends who are also pregnant and they are both having boys, so ideally, it would be great if they were friends, but then all my other friends have girls and they are only one or two years older, so that would be great if we had a girl.  Some women lean one way or the other and I am torn right down the middle.  There are so many great characteristics about each gender, I am just glad to know that either of them is brewing in me!

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My cousin recently emailed me the good news that she is pregnant. She had her first visit with her doctor and had an ultrasound. She wrote:

I would ask Roger to scan the ultrasound picture and send it to you guys but he’s carrying it around and looking at it every five minutes.

ultraWhat an endearing story about her husband! It makes me giddy just thinking about it. So I sit here now trying to recall my husband’s reaction when we found out we were pregnant the first time. We were definitely both in shock because we didn’t realize that it would happen so fast. We were anxious to see the doctor, but I think we had to wait until we were 8 or 9 weeks pregnant. It’s so frustrating because as “newbies,” we just didn’t know what to do with ourselves. And there were just so many questions: Am I really pregnant? Do we tell our friends and family? Do we keep quiet? Oh, no… I just had a pitcher of margaritas last night! Will that affect the baby?!


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