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Paulo is wearing Chameleon Camouflage from Le Top's 2011 Spring Summer Collection.

We were complaining last month that summer wasn’t here yet since it even rained in June. But now, summer arrived with a vengeance here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Time to play outside. But wait… It’s TOO HOT! It’s sweltering that playing outside is a challenge. For five minutes, Paulo dribbled his basketball, ran around a bit, then pushed his Tonka truck before we all called it quits and went back in the house. Then we decided to go to the movies to cool off! Phew!

If you’re planning to be outside, remember to:

  • drink lots of water to stay hydrated
  • put sunscreen on to protect your skin
  • wear a hat
  • take a rest preferably under a shady tree

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Notice all the toys strewn about? Paulo would rather play with a box instead of his toys (in le•top's 2010 Gone Fishin').

Every room in my house seems to be cluttered with cars, balls, musical instruments, magnetic letters, plastic food, dolls, action figures, and even this enormous Tonka trunk! But it all comes down to this: He is going to have more fun playing with the box it came in. I should just stop buying toys. For his next birthday, I think I shall wrap a box… an empty box… because, really, that’s what he’s going to play with for hours!

Other things my son likes to play with are:

  • the remote control
  • my iPhone
  • shoes (the dirtier, the better!)
  • the door stopper
  • newspapers (loves to shred them to pieces)
  • house plants, especially the soil
  • the curtains

What’s your child’s favorite “non-toy”?

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