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Paulo was put in a timeout while on a playdate. His friend, Amalie, decided to join him for moral support.

I started putting Paulo in timeouts when he was about 12-months old. It seemed so silly to put him in a corner because at his age I didn’t really know if he understood the reason or grasped the concept. According to Dr. Sears, timeouts should be around one minute per year of age. So since he was a year old, he sat in the “naughty corner” for one minute.

The first time I put him in timeout, he sat for about two seconds, then ran back to me with a big smile. I guess he thought it was a game. I couldn’t help but smile back because he was just so darn cute! So just what every mother would do, I swooped him up and showered him with kisses until he giggled.

The subsequent times that followed weren’t “cute” anymore. This time I meant business! Every time he hit his sister, he was sent to the naughty corner. I guess after many timeouts, it finally clicked.  Now at 21-months, he runs up to his sister, hits her, then walks to his corner. (Stinker!) Ok, I guess he learned the wrong lesson, but in his defense, he usually hits his sister if she happens to take away the toy he was playing with.

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BabyIt’s that time of year again – school vaccinations and possibly a vaccination in preparation for the onslaught of the winter flu season.  Let’s face it – the worst thing for a parent is thinking of any kind of pain for their precious little ones! Marice, a mother of two and part of our design team, passed on a trick she has used over the years and says that it works like a charm to lessen the initial “ouch!”

Try this for babies and toddlers: Right as the nurse is beginning to stick them, gently blow in their face.  Although Marice did not know why it works, it seems to distract the child just enough for the nurse to administer the vaccine.  By the time they look to see what happened, it’s all over!  

For older kids (and adults, by the way):  Have them take a deep breath and blow it out as they get the shot.  Make sure they don’t hold their breath – you don’t want them to pass out!

After that…a kiss and a hug works wonders!

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…submitted by guest contributor: Dawn

No need for packing up a highchair...

No need for carting around a highchair...

When I was pregnant, I was gifted an “Over the Shoulder Baby Holder” (a baby sling) and “The Baby Book” by Dr. William Sears and Martha Sears, R.N.. These two gifts became great aids in my first years of parenting.

I had heard of the concept of babywearing which refers to using a sling or other kind of carrier to hold the baby on the parent’s body while they go about their daily activities like walking, doing chores, attending social gatherings.

The benefits to the infant from babywearing are that the baby feels close and secure to the parent (or caregiver), often the baby is happier and more content, and shows the baby (or growing toddler) how the world is an interesting place to explore from the viewpoint next to their parent.

We began to explore the various ways of carrying our daughter in the baby sling in our first big travels to Alaska when she was 10 weeks old. We spent a week of traveling, hiking (there was one incident of her nursing in the sling, while I was hiking on a trail following my husband trying to avoid the moose below us in the woods! – and my daughter was still happy!), and waiting in lines at restaurants. All the time my daughter was content, whether I was wearing her, or her Dad or a close friend was.

We had the car seat for driving and the airplane ride but it frequently stayed in the car as we explored.

As my daughter grew, we changed how she rode in the sling from a laying down position, to sitting up and seeing the world, to riding on one hip of mine as she became a toddler. This phase was especially nice to keep her near me in the sling and allow me to have a free hand. It also kept her out of trouble at times when we were in stores that didn’t have shopping carts.

I have since noted the growing industry (and therefore, choices!) of baby carriers – front packs, Maya wraps, etc. I’m glad the options are so varied now, making it easier to search for the style that fits best into lifestyles and fashion styles. My daughter even has her own child-sized baby sling so she can keep her baby doll close by while playing!

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Loveable, adorable Santiago in his not-so-terrible twos...

Lovable, adorable (squishable!) Santiago in his not-so-terrible twos...

My friend Angela just had baby number two, a lovely little girl named…Sophia! She is just an angel, happy and giggly. Her big brother, Santiago loves her and loves to give her lots of kisses! Needless to say, with two kids now, Ang has her hands full. To add to the manic quality of her life, Santiago is…Two! Yes! The terrible twos! But you know, other than the overly abundant use of the word “no” (as in the every-other-word-is-no variety!), he really is not so “terrible.” He’s quite terribly loving actually! This past Christmas, we all met up at Ang’s mom’s house, and we adults (well, all the guys, my husband and Ang’s husband included!) had some mischievous fun engaging in a bit of trickery decorating Ang’s mom’s house with colored lights. Ang’s mom DETESTS colored lights, so we did it stealthily… (more…)

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le•top sherpa 3 piece set at comfykid.com

le•top sherpa 3 piece set at comfykid.com

We’re all very excited to see our le•top clothes on TV this morning! Wow! We feel like celebrities! 😉 Good Day Sacramento had a little spot on Kool Kids in Vacaville, CA who recommended our Sherpa Jackets in soft pink and navy blue as great Christmas gifts for the little ones in your life. We couldn’t agree more! Kool Kids is located at 318 Main Street, and you can reach them at 707. 469. 9170.

Look Ma! We're on TV!

Look Ma! We're on TV!

They are selling the jackets for $15. For those of you who aren’t in the Vacaville area, you can get the jackets online at ComfyKid.com, who are offering the jackets in a three piece set (long sleeve shirt, coverall and jacket) in sizes Newborn through 12 mos., for an amazing sale price of $28.50!

Editor’s Note: the link to Good Day Sacramento (click on the photo at right) is now a direct link to the actual segment. There’s a short little commercial in the beginning, but then our segment starts to run. It’s about shopping locally and under $100!

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picture-2My good friend Jen (from Everett, WA), mother of a 19-month old little girl, posted in her blog about how her daughter is starting to get into EVERYTHING!

Olivia, take the Christmas light out of your mouth!
Olivia, put the ornament back on the tree!
Olivia, don’t knock the tree over!
Olivia, put the toilet seat down!
Olivia, don’t touch Dozer’s water dish!

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