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Fall is no-doubtedly in the air and the hot weather here in New York City has passed. I noticed the leaves only started to change in New York City the past two weeks, but it still seems as if it were only September. With Halloween about to pass and moving into November and Thanksgiving, I was trying to think of a classic kids craft that you could make now that would last as a home decoration through November – a pine cone turkey! Easy and super cute. Here you go….

Pine Cone Turkeys

These little turkeys are fun to assemble and provide colorful decorations for your home, neighborly gifts or even the Thanksgiving table.


  • Pine cones
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Feathers
  • Googly eyes, white school glue or hot glue gun, other embellishments (optional)

How to:

Step 1: Use glue to attach feathers to back of pine cone.
Step 2: Curl top of pipe cleaner to form head.
Step 3: Attach googly eyes to either side of head.
Step 4: Attach head to front of pine cone.


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Thanksgiving may be weeks away, but that doesn’t mean your little pilgrim can’t begin to create some holiday crafts.  We found this cute idea where you use rocks from your garden as a Thanksgiving name card craft – get a head start (we know how choosing seats at the dinner table can be daunting during the holidays!).

Plymouth Rocks
Instead of using paper place cards, coat stones in brightly colored tempera paint and glue on alphabet pasta letters.

Items Needed:

  • number of rocks to equal your # of family members and/or guests
  • colored tempera paint (found at your local hardware store)
  • bag of pasta letters (at your local grocery store)
  • Elmer’s Glue


  1. Find rocks in your garden (however many are in your family or your party)
  2. Wash the rocks and dry them thoroughly
  3. Paint the entire rock the color of your choice with tempera paint
  4. Glue on alphabet letters to spell out your family names (i.e. dad, mom, Charly, Ella, etc.)
  5. Allow to dry on newspaper inside the house
  6. Set the table! 🙂

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Preparing for that perfect Thanksgiving meal? Include your little ones by making one-of-a-kind napkin rings for a truly special touch.  These ‘mini-masterpieces’ can be used for years to come or shared with guests as the reminder of a memorable day.

source: bhg.com


  • Paper towel tubes
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper
  • Craft glue
  • Craft supplies (markers, paint, paintbrush, ribbon, beads, feathers, etc.)

Measure and cut the tubes so each ring measures 2 inches in length. Be sure to make enough so everyone coming to dinner has a napkin ring. Cut the same number of 2-inch-wide colored paper strips. Glue the paper strips to the tubes.Now decide how you want to decorate your napkin rings. You could make each different or create a variety of looks. Use markers, paint, ribbon, beads, and feathers to decorate the rings. Here is a great chance to be really creative and fanciful.


source: familyfun.go.com

  • Draw a turkey, autumn leaves, pumpkins, pilgrims, Native American headdresses or something fanciful on construction paper, then cut it out and glue it to the ring.
  • Draw pictures of each family member to create their own personalized napkin ring or use a photo of each person attending and use it as the face of a turkey, pumpkin or pilgrim that you have glued to the ring.
  • Leave a space on your design for names and you’ve turned it into a place card.  


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