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Paulo is wearing “Take Flight” from Le Top’s 2010 Fall/Winter collection.

When you schedule playdates in advanced, you hope the weather will be warm enough so you can meet up with your child’s friends at the park. I like meeting at a playground because it gives Paulo a chance to run around and burn off energy so that he naps well in the afternoon. Since we can’t always rely on the weatherman’s forecast, my Mommy friends and I always have a back-up place to meet in case it’s raining or if it’s too cold. That place is our local Barnes & Noble. Unfortunately, this is the back-up plan for everyone else, too. But that’s okay. It works out somehow.

Our bookstore has a train table in the children’s book section. They have a few trains for the kids to play with, and it’s cute (and sometimes not-so-cute) to see them learn how to share. Parents are also allowed to pick up a book from the shelves and read to their children. They have a little table and a few chairs, or you can even sit on the floor with your child on your lap and spend a quiet moment entertaining them with a story or two. Once a week, our bookstore has Story Time. The kids sit around the stage area while one of the staff members reads to the children. At the end of Story Time, they provide a small snack. Best part of Barnes & Noble? They have a Starbucks so I can order a grande soy caramel macchiato with whipped cream and enjoy drinking it while Paulo plays at the train table. Bliss!

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Paulo is wearing "Take Flight" from Letop's 2010 Fall Collection. It's the perfect outfit as he prepares for his big jump!

Here’s my boy trying to jump. He’s 18-months old and learning a new “trick.” I love how he bends his legs then shoots his body upward yet his feet are still firmly planted on the ground! He gets a kick out of it because he thinks he’s really jumping.

I remember when my daughter was learning how to jump. She just turned a year old and it was the exact same method and the exact same end result: her feet never left the ground either. Then one day, after much practice, a switch turned on and her feet actually took flight.

Here’s to another successful milestone for my Big Boy!

How old was your child when he/she was learning how to jump?

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