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momdaybrochMother’s Day is coming up and I’d have to say, ever since my daughter was old enough to make crafts, I have been looking forward to this special day. Last year was the first year it started. She was three years old and in her first year of preschool. I didn’t even think about Mother’s Day being for me, until she handed me her wrapped present (wrapped, meaning a white lunch bag with marker doodles – precious!). I excitedly opened the gift and found the tackiest brooch… A puzzle piece glued with gynormous gems! My husband looked at me with uncertainty, checking to see what my reaction would be.

I loved it! I immediately pinned it on and wore it with pride. My daughter said, “We’re going to have to share that because it’s too beautiful. I want to wear it, too.” I can’t wait for what she is making this year at preschool. Whatever it is, I will cherish it forever!

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