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Mom was looking for something to jazz up a mundane day so she started taking fun photos of her daughter, Parker (6 months-old). We are thrilled that she chose to share the results with us. This little angel face couldn’t be more precious and she seems to LOVE the camera. We see big things for her future!

A little bird told us that Parker has a big sister, Sydney, who looks out for her. When do we get to see photos of her mom? Congratulations to Parker on being crowned the Le Top Darling of the Day!

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654px-cutest_koalaWe dreamt of Italy last week, and this week, we’re dreaming about Australia! A good friend of the family, who is a native Aussie, was able to whisk up this fantastic deal and take her husband back home this coming September. Oh, how I would love to grab my husband and steal away to Australia! I have always wanted to go “down under” and catch a performance at the Sydney Opera House, Surf the Indian Ocean, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef and chase some ‘Roos in the Outback. After watching Baz Luhrmann’s epic Australia, I really felt the pull to go… and at this price, it’s more about the lack of time than perhaps the money! If you’re able to take advantage of this great price, please share pictures of your epic adventure with us…you lucky Koala!

$655 — Australia from Los Angeles (Roundtrip)

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