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Summer officially began this past Monday (summer solstice!), it’s time to get out and enjoy the season by visiting your local park or playground. We have a nearby park that Lilah has dubbed “my park.” She also says that her “Grandma C” has two parks (big and small), along with our friend Cooper who has his park, and my parents who have “their park.” This seems to be her current trend… everything has an owner. It certainly helps me know where she wants to go!    

On a daily basis, I feel as though I have way too much to accomplish and going to the park sounds nice, but not something that easily fits into the time before bed. However, in Lilah’s world, the park is a necessity. She is my one and only, therefore I generally crack under the pressure of “PPPLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEE mom, can we go to the park.” She’s growing like a weed and I’m feeling like her childhood is passing way too fast. If going to the park on the way home from work and spending an hour swinging in the swings, sliding down the slides, and climbing on the jungle gym makes her happy, I’m there. In the end everyone needs to get out and enjoy the fresh air to keep their sanity. Kids are more clued into that that anyone. Go play!

Photos of Lilah at 'grandma’s big park' wearing a Le Top Tulip Garden coral smocked shirt and capri pant set

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Lilah at the park

Lilah in le•top Kaleidoscope pants and pink top at one of our recent park outings

I realized last night that my daughter and I would be changing our ‘after school’ routine of the past months.  I normally pick her up at daycare after work and head for the park to give the swings a little workout before heading home.  When I picked Lilah up around 6 pm last night she exclaimed ‘It’s dark!’  Indeed it was.  I had promised the park when I dropped her off at school, forgetting that the time had changed.  I could not keep my promise, since the park is not open after dark.  Luckily she understood that going to the park in the dark would not be much fun, and seemed to want to head towards our comfortable house as much as I did!

I love this time of year.  It makes me want to put some cider on the stove and snuggle up with my little girl and read a book.  Granted that is not what usually happens, since preparing dinner and doing the usual chores beckon.  Hopefully we can fit some of these cozy moments into our routine – bringing a different reward than the sunny days of swinging and climbing on the play structures.  “Once upon a time…”

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