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The other evening the cutest thing happened. Lilah, my husband and I were all at our local retailer. There was this adorable boy about Lilah’s age (3-4) in the book section that was chatting us up about books, things he likes to do, and his favorite places. He was incredibly outgoing and sweet. His dad was nearby listening to the conversation and chiming in here and there. My shy little one interacted with the little boy a bit and finally told him that we had to go home.

A couple of hours later, Lilah came to me and asked where “the boy” was? I told her that he was probably at home. She said, “But I want him!” in her sweetest voice. I explained that we didn’t know where he lived, but maybe we would see him again when we returned to the store. She said, “But I LLOOVVEE HIM.” It was sooo cute. I even had to console her about it. My husband was really hoping this wouldn’t happen for a while. No such luck!

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