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edandmLast night, as we were getting ready for bed, my husband asked me,

Do we have any of those cloth diaper thingies that you use for when the baby spits up? How about baby blankets? And do we have those little washcloths?

My response was, “Yes, yes, and yes. Why? Do you need them for something?”

“I just wanted to make sure we have enough for the new baby.”

How cute is that? Daddy is nesting, too. 🙂

I reflected on the past few days and realized there were other signs that he was nesting. They’re not necessarily baby-related, but definitely home preparation signs:

  • Last week, he was conversing with our accountant making sure that our taxes are in order, and informing him that we have a new baby on the way.
  • Last weekend, he was rearranging boxes and sweeping every nook and cranny of the dusty, dirty garage.
  • Two nights ago, he was checking the kids’ bathroom and tinkering with the faucet and fixing the seal.
  • This morning, my husband was online researching why our washing machine was leaking oil from the bottom.

So many little issues that I, myself, wouldn’t think about on my own. I am fortunate to have him in my life. He’s a wonderful, loving partner, a supportive husband, and caring father.

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