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Hmm... what should I eat?

Hmm... what should I eat?

I wake up, and I want a bowl of cereal with fruit. But nooooo(!), I can’t have any of those things for breakfast. So I have to muster all my willpower to eat eggs and a hotdog despite the fact that my mouth is really craving a deliciously cool, refreshing, invigorating, sweet glass of OJ to wash down all that protein.

Come snack time (with my hotdog breath – even though I brushed my teeth!), I feel a false sense of liberation – like I can eat ANYTHING (but not really)! It’s just that I can eat fruit or have a glass of milk if I so desire. So I grab a little tub of baby yogurt, but realize I also want a banana, but I can only have either dairy or fruit. So I stand in the kitchen contemplating what I REALLY want for a treat, and have to remember that I need to also follow it with a handful of nuts or a hard boiled egg (Mmm… not!). Can you picture this? I stand there almost walking around in circles… ARGHH. (more…)

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