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The time finally arrived! My three-year old son has learned how to share. This is a picture of him sharing cars with a friend in his Mommy & Me class. I remember last year when he and two other boys would eye the same car/truck/train, look at each other, then dive for the toy as they each tried to yank it from each others’ grasps. Oh, boy! That was a nightmare because all the mommies had to deal with the crying, the fighting and giving our sons “The Talk” about sharing. It’s a good thing we mothers are all on the same page regarding this, and know that we need to teach our children how to play together.

A year later, I stand in the classroom with pride (and with my camera) as I listen to my son say, “Do you want this car?” and proceed to play nicely with his friend. He’s growing up!

Paulo is wearing the rabbitmoon “discover” striped zip hoody. For this comfy cotton layering piece and more mix and match stylish kid’s clothing go to www.rabbitmoon-usa.com.

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We interviewed one of Le Top’s biggest supporters and cutest boutique owners in New Hope, Pennsylvania! We are featuring one of the top children’s boutiques in Pennsylvania – Periwinkle Place – this week and cannot wait to share with you! Read more about sweet summer deals, summer must-haves for boys and girls, and their favorite Le Top clothing for the warm-weather months. Drum-roll please…..

Periwinkle Place
161 Peddlers Village #161
New Hope, PA 18938

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1.    What was your inspiration behind opening your children’s clothing store – Periwinkle Place?
Rob & Elisa: We have always been in the fashion industry in various positions, but since we love kids, this seemed to be the natural place to be. No matter the age, gender, or temperament of the child – we think they are all great!

2.    Tell us about any special events that you have planned at your store this summer and fun deals we can expect.
Rob & Elisa
: We are located in a small New Hope village that offers entertainment and festivals throughout the summer. Fireworks will be displayed in the Village as part as the 4th of July celebration. Our store will be also be participating in the festivities by offering awesome sales on summer merchandise. The store is also planning a special event which will feature the designers of our hair bow and jewelry, so our customers can choose from an even greater selection of these accessories.

3.    Describe the neighborhood of your store in New Hope, Pennsylvania where your store is located. Did you grow up in the local area?
Rob: New Hope is a friendly charming town featuring art galleries, specialty shops and innovative restaurants. I grew up about 45 minutes from this area, but visited it often, as it was always an enjoyable outing for my family and me.

4.    Summer break from school for kids is just around the corner. What are 3 vacation clothing must-have items that are in your store for summer?
Rob & Elisa: Bathing suits and cover ups, great summer play wear, cool looking summer hats are Periwinkle Place’s must haves for the summer! A summer vacation cannot be complete without these items.

5.    Where are your favorite family hangouts in the New Hope area?
Rob & Elisa: Peddlers Village is one of my favorite hangouts in the summer.  It is a sprawling country area with unique shops and fun activities.

6.    Tell us…before you “had kids or grandkids, what is one thing you swore you’d never…?” Please share!
Robert: I never thought I would actually monitor the length of my daughter’s skirt when she goes on a date!

7.    Tell us about a “special” moment that made your day working at your store.
Rob & Elisa: A baby trying on a Christening outfit is very moving. To be involved in a child’s first rite of passage is meaningful to us.

8.    If you were stuck on a tropical island this summer with your kids, what would be the 3 things you would pack to keep the looking “stylish”?
Rob & Elisa: Cool hair accessories, colorful cover-ups and stylish footwear would certainly make a fashion statement to the island’s natives.

Le Top "Heart’s Delight" Beach Dress with flower embellishment and matching bathingsuit

9.    What collection or piece from Le Top or Le Top Baby line or Rabbitmoon do you love from the Spring/Summer 2011?
Rob & Elisa: The Le Top “Poppy” Collection and Rabbitmoon’s “Reflection” and “Terrapin” Collections are our favorites for this summer.  However, I think the other collections were just as appealing as shown by our customers’ purchases! 

Periwinkle Place
161 Peddlers Village #161
New Hope, PA 18938

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Today Le Top’s sister brand, rabbitmoon, launched its online boutique! You can now buy a wide range of rabbitmoon children’s clothing directly through the rabbitmoon Online Boutique. To browse, choose from the options at the top of each page: Girl, Boy, or Gifts. We encourage you to sign up for our Rabbit News to find out about things we’re over the moon about, including new items for sale on the rabbitmoon site.

Rabbitmoon’s unique and modern kids’ clothing integrates comfort and ease with a simple blend of innovation and style. It is a collection of easy-to-match separates! See images below of the new home page and a couple of the images from the site!


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Mark your calendars and be the first to shop at rabbitmoon kids clothes online boutique opening next Monday, September 20th.

Rabbitmoon is Le Top’s sister brand that is made from the finest soft cotton fabrics (created in-house by our talented team of designers and manufacturers) so that every piece meets the strictest demands for quality, comfort, and durability. Rabbitmoon’s meticulous attention to detail, modern colors, durable fabrics, and creative graphics, our “mix it up” items can be easily coordinated into outfits to suit any growing personality. This makes shopping for your little ones simple and affordable!

The new site will offer easy-to-match separates. Whether you’re putting together an outfit for a gift or letting your little one dress themselves, you can’t go wrong with any combination of rabbitmoon items. Coordinating our separates means more outfit choices, more creative freedom, and more value for your dollar. With just a few pieces, you can create multiple stylish and versatile outfits!

Here is a “sneak” preview of a rabbitmoon Neapolitan dress from our “what the kids like” category of our favorites!

This mixed soft stretch pink cotton and strawberry pink twill dress features puff sleeves with contrast ruffle cuffs and comfy front pouch pockets. Finished with vanilla dot print ruffle hem. Mix it up with leggings, tights or pants to create a fashionable look. Button down front for over-the-head easy dressing.

The new site will include a wide variety of gift options for baby and under $30 for all the price conscious mommy and daddy shoppers out there for boy, girl and baby.

More good news?
We will also be offering rabbitmoon signature gift wrap that includes a personalized handwritten gift note (the card can have your own very special message) for only $5, or we can send a kit—including a gift box, tissue paper, ribbon, sealing sticker, and a blank gift card—so that you can personally gift wrap their gift. In addition, we always include a miniature rabbitmoon handwritten thank you note (from us) with every purchase.

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