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Ollie, a West Highland white terrier, is my father’s dog.  Kind, patient, and very ‘kid friendly’ – Westies are a great breed.  This particular breed seems to be something of a family favorite. As a young child, my famly and I had a Westy and he was my best friend.  Above is an adorable picture of my nephew Josh playing with Ollie. I’m not sure who is enjoying the other more.  Either way it is a pretty cute site to see and great to see the tradition is still going strong.

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Uh-Oh!  Here we go again…but it’s only puppy love!  We were all reminded of the soft spot we hold in our hearts for puppies when Calvin, a longtime member of our terrific warehouse staff brought in his new Pekinese-Chihuahua puppy Lucy to ‘meet the family!’  Lucy has brought smiles of joy to the office over the past few days – her little bark beckons us, and we pick her up before that sad little bark tears our hearts apart!  She is just so darn cute!

lucy 2
Calvin and little Lucy

This little girl has a big presence, although I am not quite sure she knows her real size.  Cengx’s dog Charmie (the little Pomeranian that has shown off his le•top ‘couture’ outfits in the blog) towers over Lucy – but backs away from her playful paws when she invites him to play.  Lucy then proceeds to chase poor Charmie around the warehouse – totally in charge of this game.  Awww…puppy love!

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Puppy friends- Sarah 2

Sarah, Rudy and Krypton

Sarah, our “Dragon Boat Queen” and assistant designer, was recently asked to do a little puppy-sitting (are you sick of hearing about puppies yet?!) We were in the midst of our weekly blog meeting when Rudy, a long-haired teacup Chihuahua was dropped off to Sarah at the office!  Our meeting came to an immediate stop so we could all swoon over the little guy!  Even Krypton, Head Designer Pat’s wonder dog, came in to say “Howdy!” 

Awww…just another day at le•top – livin’ and lovin’ all things warm and wonderful!

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