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sms2lstSeams to Last in Port Townsend, WA (a touristy little mecca outside of the Olympic Forest) is getting ready for a BIG bridge closure. We’re all too familiar with the bridge closures here in the San Francisco Bay Area, as the Bay Bridge, our main “crossing” to San Francisco, has been closed every Labor Day Weekend for the past three years for earthquake retrofitting. No matter where it happens, when these kinds of closures come, it can definitely create some retail headaches for local shops. But store owner Michelle seams to be rising to the challenge! She is gearing up for local shoppers and making sure she is stocked with items that will fill the needs for their little ones, so they won’t have to face the limited ferry options, or go out of their way to get them. Learn Michelle’s strategy on Seams To Last’s TV debut (and for your budding engineers who are fascinated with bridges, it’s pretty interesting to see just why they’re closing the bridge)! Best wishes to Michelle, Seams to Last and everyone affected by the Hood Canal Bridge closure the next six weeks!

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