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My sister Betsy is having my nephew Wade’s 5th birthday party this Saturday! I am really excited and traveling back from New York to California and will be able to attend. She is planning on having the party at nearby park with all of Wade’s friends from school and cousins. I was trying to brainstorm some fun and relatively inexpensive ideas for his birthday to entertain the kids. Here are some ideas and tips for your kiddo’s party too!

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We put our heads together and wanted to give our two thumbs up to the two games of the day!  Whether you are in a city park, local playground or backyard – these outdoor games are sure to be fun, active and will have your little ones singing (and learning) primary colors, especially RED!

Red Light, Green Light
# of Kiddies: Appropriate for all ages
Ages: 2+

Why?: Red Light, Green Light is a game children of different ages can play.  It is also one of those traditional games any adult will remember playing as child and will want to play too!  The stop and go nature of this game is good for cardio and will increase your child’s awareness of body movement and listening skills.

What to Bring: nada!

How to Play:  One person is designated as “it” and plays the part of the stop light – if you only have 1 or 2 kids with you, it might be best if you (the parent/adult) play the role of “it”.  Have the kids line up about 20 feet away on the grass from the “it” person. “It” turns his/her back to the kids and calls out “Green light!” The players then run as fast as they can towards “it”. At any time, “it” can face the players and call out “Red light”, and the others must freeze in place like a statue. If the kids are caught moving, they should go back to the start line.  The game continues until someone reaches and tags the “it” person, and the new person becomes “it.”  The sure trick to winning this game is to move smoothly so that you can freeze instantly until you are within reach of “it.”

Play Ballllll!!!!
# of Kiddies: 1+
Ages: Appropriate for all ages

Why?:  Playing with any ball is good hand-eye coordination, and can be a fun way to incorporate cardio into your child’s day of play.

What to Bring: A ball (a kickball or medium sized inflated ball)

How to Play #1 (for 1): Kick the ball around in the grass or see how high you can throw the ball in the air and catch it.

How to Play #2 (for 2): Play a simple game of throw and catch or for you city kids – bounce the ball against a cement wall and see who throw the ball as many times as they can against the wall without missing. If you want to bring a hula-hoop to the park, you can throw balls through the hula-hoop (pretend it is a circus!).  Lastly, you can play a game of just kicking the ball back and forth, and whoever ‘misses’ the ball “scores” a goal.

How to Play #3 (for 3): Play ‘Monkey in the Middle” where 3 people stand in a line and the two people on each end of the line throw the ball between the middle person who is trying to sneak/catch the ball away!

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