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Jordynne modeling her dress from the le•top Bloomin' Beauty collection

Jordynne modeling her dress from the le•top Bloomin' Beauty collection, Spring 09

Our most recent Secret Contest winner sent us a wonderful gift. We love seeing babies and kids wearing our clothes, so when Steph T. sent us a photo of her daughter wearing our le•top Bloomin’ Beauty dress, we’re the ones who felt like we won a contest! It was wonderful of  Steph to tell us how much she loved the dress she won, simply for participating in le•top blog. The best part, though, was hearing that Jordynne loved it, too, and of her choosing to wear it to the Spring Party at Kindergarten. We can just imagine her twirling around at her party!

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i_wonWe have another Secret Contest winner!

Steph T. (Pleasant Hill, CA) had the most reader submissions in a month! She may not comment a lot, but she keeps us informed. Steph submitted two Daily Darling photos of her children, and shared some content ideas that generated a few blog posts.

Congratulations and thank you, Steph, for reading and participating!

We have many on-going Secret Contests for different prizes. You’ll never know what the contest is (it’s a secret!), but staying involved and particiating will reveal them one by one and might create some! It could be for submitting photos, sharing a story, recipe or funny quote, or maybe…just for commenting. So, keep coming back and sharing with le•top blog because you might win just for letting us know you’re out there! Stay tuned to see what Steph won. It might be something really special from the le•top Spring 09 Collection.

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