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Please tell me everyone has “guilty pleasures,” right?  A few weeks ago I was lying in bed watching Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.  Yup, I admit it; I do watch Tori & Dean!  The celebrity parents were headed up to Vancouver, BC because Tori was guest starring in an episode of Smallville (filmed in gorgeous British Columbia.) On their much documented plane ride with their children (Stella’s first!) she was dressed in our very comfy and appropriate for traveling rabbitmoon orchid tracksuit!  I jumped out of bed and started screaming “THAT’S OUR TRACKSUIT, THAT’S OUR TRACKSUIT!”  My husband thought I had gone berserk as he ran in the room and asked what on earth I was screaming about!  I, with some exasperation regarding his lack of knowledge regarding all things “celebrity” told him why I was so excited.  He started jumping up and down with me…just kidding, he didn’t really do that, but he was excited for us!  I contemplated calling Chris, but then thought better of it as it was 10:30 ++ at night!  Here is a great clip from Tori and Dean’s plane ride…just fast forward to 2:59 minutes to see the outfit… CLICK HERE

I have never been one to stop at one of anything… so I then searched the Oxygen network website and found Stella wearing one of our darling swimsuits from the le•top Tropical Paradise collection!  Check out this cutie.

Photo from Oxygen.com. Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.

Photo from Oxygen.com. Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Click on photo to link to the site.


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Robert was our last and final Favorites Contest winner, and as I did with all the other winners, I helped him fill his virtual shopping cart of $500 worth of le•top and rabbit moon clothes…and he was so cute! Throughout our conversation, he kept repeating, “I never win anything, not even at the casinos!”, and,  “This is so fun! I would never have guessed 4 years ago that I would be into doing something like this!” What a dad! 🙂

Awww...coordinating sister outfits from the le•top Twinkle Collection. le•top's Flower Power shirt and skirt set

Awww...coordinating outfits from the le•top Twinkle Collection for sisters, Ruby and Mary. le•top's Flower Power shirt and skirt set (bottom left). Dress from the Bougainvillea Collection, rabbit moon (bottom right).

Robert has two daughters, Ruby, 4 months, and Mary, 4 years. As you can see from the photos of some of Robert’s final selections, Mary loves dresses and skirts! Her dad told us that she will not wear pants…except for the time she and her mom were out shopping, and she said, “Mommy, I am taking this home!” “This” was the rabbit moon Orchid Tracksuit (obviously the kid has great taste). Cute! We’re looking forward to seeing the photos of Ruby and Mary modeling le•top and rabbit moon. Can’t wait!

Congratulations to our four winners, and thank you again to everyone who entered our Favorites Contest for the Fall 2008 Collections. All of you made this a fun and exciting contest for us! Do you think we might have a contest for our Spring 2009 Collections? Hmmmm…stay tuned! 😉

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First, I tear here, then I get to the good stuff. I deem this tracksuit...perfect! Where's my next present?

Christmas is over, and we’re still in Kauai, but we’re getting loads of emails and photos of the festive time of year. Sweetie received this photo of his youngest nephew, Ry opening the Christmas gift sweetie sent. He decided on the Rabbit Moon Tractor Tracksuit at mychildclothing.com who has a wonderful selection of both le•top and Rabbit Moon. Since Ry lives in NYC where the winters can be bitterly cold, sweetie thought the tracksuit would be perfect for him to bop around indoors, as well as a fashionable and warm top layer for those first days of spring in Central Park. Ry is just 9 months old but already seems to have the art of opening presents down pat!

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Okay, you play with that, and I'll take this

Okay, you play with that, and I'll take this

Sarah, who left le•top last year when her daughter, Ella was born, came into the office today to say “hello” and to get Ella (16 months) fitted for her star modeling turn at the upcoming photo shoot in January. As it seems with most kids with animals, Ella made a beeline for Olive. Ella has a dog of her own, Chewy, who is much more like a horse than a dog (that’s another story!), but all dogs seem the same to her. Ella is very comfortable around Olive, and of course, we all know Olive thinks she’s a person, so they had a great playdate at le•top this morning! Looking at this photo, we’re wondering who wanted to play with what, but they worked out the details in their secret language and got along famously. Ella is wearing one of the rabbit moon signature tracksuits — this one is from the upcoming spring 2009 “Soleil” Collection, which will be shipping to stores this month (the fall 2008 rabbit moon signature tracksuits are still in stores for both girls and boys). Ella looks like she’s ready to take Olive for a little jog around the block!

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