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deannamiaWhen we hadn’t heard back from our second $500 winner of our Favorites Contest, I put a couple tweets on twitter, and then followed up with another email. Meanwhile, there was some fact-finding going on at the le•top offices, with some confusion (and suspense!) building about our winner.

This is how the story unfolded: as I was sending the email notification to our winner, Deanna J., she was…in LABOR!! I received her email just this morning:

I am so excited that I won…Sorry for the delay in response I was actually in Labor giving birth to my daughter Mia the day this e-mail was sent…I can’t believe it…I am so excited and can’t wait to pick out the clothes for my precious one.”

When I found out, my first reaction was, “You’ve GOT to be kidding me!” I couldn’t have scripted this if I’d tried (I don’t know if I could have even thought this up)! WOW! Congratulations on your win, Deanna J., but we send you even bigger congratulations on your new, beautiful baby girl, Mia! Happy Birthday, Mia! And Deanna, no need for an apology for your delayed response…but if ever there was a good excuse, yours was it! 😉

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jameeartIt’s amazing I’ve gone this long without ever having worked alongside a pregnant co-worker, until now. I met Jamee in the late 90s at an advertising agency. I didn’t really get to know her that well, but, for some reason, I just kind of considered her as the kid sister I never had. Our contact throughout the intervening years has been very sporadic, but when le•top started this blog, I immediately thought she’d be a great fit…little did I know she was just announcing her second pregnancy! WOW! What great timing; Jamee’s pregnant, and I’m getting her to write for a baby/kids/clothes blog! Tons of material (excuse the pun)! But now, as she’s getting ready to actually have the baby, it’s suddenly dawning on me that I’m going to “lose” her for a little while. Ack!! How will the blog go on without her? OK, never mind the blog, how will I go on without her? 😉 We’ve become closer through our mutual enthusiasm and ambition to create a great blog…community…for our readers. Jamee’s writing furiously now, so that we can schedule her posts to be published into the future while she’s on maternity leave, but wow, I’m sure going to miss that “kid sis” of mine. I value not only her creativity and myriad talents, but…you know how it is when you have a co-worker you not only like, but also highly respect…you turn to her for feedback, reality checks, constructive criticism and…venting! When your co-worker is a friend as well as a colleague, it’s doubly hard when they’re not around. How do people cope?!?

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le•top's Twinkle Collection

Some of Deanna's favorites...top photo: rabbit moon's Lacey collection, bottom photo: le•top's Twinkle Collection

Is it you? 😉 Congratulations! You’re the winner if your name is Deanna J.! Deanna had lots of favorites…from le•top, they are: Twinkle, Sugarplum, Buttons and Bows, Flower Power, My Little Garden, Wags ‘N Whiskers. Her favorites from rabbit moon are: Lacey, Flight and Orchid. Deanna, we hope you have as much fun choosing your final favorite outfits, as Annika (our first winner) did last week! Look for an email in your inbox confirming you as the second week winner of our le•top and rabbit moon Favorites Contest. We’re excited to hear from you!

Our Favorites Contest still has two more winners to be selected, so stay tuned…you might be our next winner! We announce every Wednesday, with our final winner on February 18th. Enter now to win your favorite le•top and rabbit moon exclusively-designed children’s clothes. Good luck!

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Desmond, the animal lover!

Desmond, the animal lover!

This is my nephew, Desmond. He LOVES animals! He goes crazzzzy every time he visits the zoo! So when I saw this little Z-Z-Zebra outfit from le•top, I thought “Zzzzweet!” because I knew it would be perfect for him.

There are so many things I like about this collection: First of all, the design is unique and original (as all le•top and rabbit moon clothing are). It’s not the traditional black & white zebra. It’s baby blue and olive (not the usual color palette you’d see in boy’s clothes), and it really works. I love it! Secondly, the fabric is velour, so it’s very soft and comfortable — feels like pajamas but they’re not. Who wouldn’t want to wear something so comfy? I wish I could walk around all day in something that felt like pajamas, but looks this fashionable. Thirdly, le•top’s sizing is spot on! My nephew is a big boy for someone who isn’t quite a one-year old yet, but this 12-month outfit fits him perfectly well! (I’ve also noticed that with my daughter’s clothes as well.)

le•top Z-z-zebra shirt and pant in velour

le•top Z-z-zebra shirt and pant in velour in sizes 3 mos. to 4 toddler

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