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Who is this celeb? Kaitlin guessed correctly...do you know who it is without looking at her answer?

This little boy grew up to become a big celebrity. Kaitlin guessed correctly...his name is Lance Armstrong!

We had a quickie, surprise (even to me! I was just typing away, putting up the Daily Darling, and the words in my head were ignored by the words typed out by my fingers!), not-so-secret contest on our Daily Darling Page…and…we have a winner! I really thought I’d have to give more clues, but our winner, Kaitlin M. was fiercely tenacious and got the correct answer with only one clue: he is the father of one son, twin daughters and just announced another child is on the way! Stay tuned to see what Kaitlin won! Congratulations, Kaitlin!

You never know what secret contests we have lurking here at le•top blog…you may already be on the road to being winner and not even know it!

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