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cxengs-doggyYou have heard us say over and over about how much we love our pups here at le•top. Well, I think we have taken it to a whole new level. Cengx (pronounced Chay-ng), one of our star team members in the le•top warehouse, brought in her new puppy awhile back with a very familiar, and yet, unfamiliar, outfit on him. We all did a double-take at what he was wearing because it was none other than our le•top “fireman” coverall from a previous season, which she had cleverly redesigned into a doggy romper (of sorts)! Did I mention that we are not only creative in our designs for babies and kids, but it turns out, in our adaptations for dogs as well?!? Although you can’t buy this one-of-a-kind doggy outfit anywhere, you sure can make an attempt at morphing your baby’s outgrown le•top outfits into pet clothes. If you do, make sure to send us a picture, so we can share it with everyone!

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