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Our mountain of diapers

Each week that goes by, I get a little more anxious and more aware of just how unprepared I am for this child! I have no furniture, except for a pack-n-play. All the baby things that I have received are stacked in my living room and my house is a disaster (no, I will not show you a picture of that! Haha). I recently received a whole bunch of diapers in different sizes from newborn to size three. I was feeling pretty good about being stocked at least for the one important thing – The Diaper Changing Marathon. Then I started to panic – do I have enough diapers?! I mean, I feel like I have a million here, but what is enough and what is too much, and what am to do about all this! AHHHHH!!!!

So I calmed myself down by talking to myself and breathing – in for three 1-2-3….out to five 1-2-3-4-5 and hopped onto Google.com to research, as any person (with two cents living in the 21st Century) would do. I Googled – how many diapers do you need in the first week?  Ah- Ha! Bingo! 

How many Diapers Will your Baby use is the First Year?

age diaper changes
per day
number of
0-1 mo 10-12 320 $64.00
1-5 mo 8-10 870 $174.00
5-9 mo 8 870 $174.00
9-12 mo 8 728 $145.60
Total 8-12 2,788 $557.60

After reading this information, and re-confirming it on some Yahoo! Answers forums that I found, I felt pretty relieved. I think that I am fairly prepared in the diaper realm of mommyhood and ready for the marathon. Thank you Kidsgrowth.com, you really put my mind at ease. At least that is one thing I can check off my list. Now for the furniture….only four weeks left until D-Day!

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At 34 weeks, I am finally getting to the end of what has been, so far, a fantastic first pregnancy! It’s been a long, but easy road and I know the real “hard part” is coming up quickly. 

A very pregnant Kristin standing in front of our Le Top spring and fall 2011 collections

At my doctor’s suggestion, I signed my husband and me up for a four week long Childbirth Preparation class. With my first pregnancy comes a lot of apprehension about the whole birthing process. It doesn’t matter how many people I have talked to about this subject, I know that I can’t go into this based on other people’s experiences and advice alone. After all, I am one of those “prepared” people who has to know what is going on…or at least what is supposed to happen.

I walked in to our first class on Tuesday night, slightly dragging my husband along since he was somewhat reluctant to attend because he said we could learn everything on YouTube! Can you believe that!? Let’s just say that by the time our class was over, my husband had realized that YouTube, may not be the best teacher of childbirth. The benefits, even from the first class, have helped ease my mind a bit. Some of the key things I took away were:

  • Stages of labor – understanding what my body would be going through and the duration of each stage in the big picture.
  • Defining the terms I had heard so much about, and had not much of a clue as to what they actually meant. Things like “effacing” and “dilating”.
  • Pregnancy discomforts – we all share the most common ones (Yay! I am not the only one who has started snoring at night!)
  • Pain Management – how to relax

I am really looking forward to the upcoming classes, as I know that my anxiety about this part of the pregnancy should continue to decrease as my knowledge increases.

…Now where did I put that pint of ice cream?

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Baby on the way? We thought we would put together a list of items that we know moms need to have packed for their trip to the hospital when baby says”it’s time”! No you CAN’T pack everything! It is recommended you pack your bag by the end of your 2nd trimester. Although this seems early, its better safe than sorry and you never know if you’ll go early. So stick to the most important stuff. Here is a list of “must-haves” from the moms of Le Top:


For Labor & Mama:

  • Picture ID or driver’s license, insurance card and hospital paper you need (pre-registration forms) 
  • Your birth plan (if you have one) 
  • Eyeglasses (if you need them) and saline solution 
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste 
  • Chapstick (man those lips get chapped!) 
  • Deodorant 
  • Brush 
  • Makeup (not a must, but nice to have) 
  • Bathrobe/nightgown/slippers or socks – Although hospitals provide gowns and socks for you to use during labor, sometimes your own clothes are nice to have. 
  • “grandma” underwear/a.k.a. “not so pretty” undies (comfier post labor)
  • Body lotion
  • Sanitary pads
  • Non-slip socks (good for pacing the hallways)
  • Spray bottle (awesome for cooling you down during labor)
  • ** something to make you relax 

    Le Top " Petite Duckling" Footed Coverall with Mitten Cuffs AKA "Take-Me-Home outfit"

    • your fav pillow 
    • music 
    • reading material 
    • picture of the one your love 
    • your favorite ponytail holder

For the proud Papa to Be:

  • Toiletries 
  • Comfy shoes and clothes 
  • Fresh clothes 
  • Snacks 
  • Reading materials 
  • Money for parking or the vending machines 
  • Fav pillow


For Ma and Pa:

  • Gifts for other siblings (some parents bring gifts for the “big” siblings to give to their new brother or sister) 
  • Book on newborn care 
  • Camera (with a charged battery) to capture your “first moments” or video camera 
  • Snacks!! You are likely to be hungry after labor. 
  • Fresh nightgown (for mom) 
  • A list of people to call with their phone numbers or email addresses & cell phone charger 
  • Nursing tank tops which snap down or lift up for easy breast feeding 
  • Nursing bras or breast pads

Don't forget the car seat for the drive home.

For Baby:
  • Installed infant car seat (you can’t drive your baby home without one!)
  • “Take-me-home” outfit from Le Top Baby (get something with feet to keep him/her warm)
  • A receiving blanket for swaddling your baby
  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • An empty bag (you always come out with more than you came in with! It is good for diapers, ointments, gauze and pads!)

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This past Saturday morning, I decided I was going to get some things done around the house. After cleaning a bit and picking up a lot, I came across the only thing I have bought for our little one on the way thus far….a car seat. A few weeks back, I had washed the covering so that it would be clean for our baby’s arrival…in only 5 months (I can’t believe I am already doing this stuff! Ha Ha.). After it was dry I just tossed it in the shell of the seat planning to finish another day, which turned out to be this past Saturday. The last task of the morning was to get everything back on the shell, like the way it came. After only about 10 minutes, everything was on the seat, but the only trouble I came across was that one side of the harness strap was looser than the other. I knew this could be remedied quickly so I went in for the fix. After a few attempts at jerking the strap tighter, and fiddling with the back of the straps, I realized this wasn’t going to be as easy as I had thought and needed something else to get it done. Then, suddenly it dawned on me, “I need a body in this thing.”

I still have my three favorite dolls from growing up stuffed away in our guest closet: “Baby,” “Kathryn That Can Walk” (don’t ask), and “Rainbow Brite.”  Since Baby was about the size of a 3 lb. preemie I immediately cancelled her out and Rainbow Brite was ridiculously -misproportionate so she was dismissed.  It turned out that Kathryn That Can Walk was pretty close to a newborn size – probably about a 6 or 7 lb. size (at least that is what I guessed).

Baby, Kathryn That Can Walk and Rainbow Brite


I took K.T.C.W. and put her in the car seat. With some maneuvering and a lot of yanking and pulling, I finally got the dang thing even and taut on both sides. Thank God I decided to do this now, as I would have had one angry baby in the seat at the hospital.  

K.T.C.W looks so cute in the seat now! I think I might just have to keep her in there for a while! Hahaha!

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As of this moment, I know 10 women who are pregnant – all due at different times of the year. These are people I actually know, not just celebrities and their pregnancies. I remember a couple of years ago, I knew 14 women who were expecting! That’s a lot of babies. And a whole lot of baby showers! And then the birthday parties! (And we don’t need to mention all those diaper changes, clothing changes and laundry, right?) 😉

So it got me thinking, could it be something in the water? Or is it a cyclical pattern that women get pregnant every so often? Or is it, perhaps, that I’m just at a phase in my life when almost everyone in my age group is moving on to the next phase of life? Whatever it is, it’s quite amazing that I know so many women who will be giving birth and holding a new bundle of joy within the year.

Congratulations to all my family and friends!

Just for fun, here’s my list:

  1. Kisha – Due June 2009
  2. Anya – Due June 2009
  3. Jessica – Due August 2009
  4. Minnie – Due August 2009
  5. Abbie – Due August 2009
  6. Ana – Due September 2009
  7. Kimmy – Due October 2009
  8. Lisa – Due October 2009
  9. Christine – Due October 2009
  10. Grace – Due January 2010

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mommymeIt was a little sad ending our special week together. Having tea was a very nice way to close the week though. We had a lovely, sugary-sweet meal of tea sandwiches, savories, and desserts while sipping tea or milk out of decorative, floral tea cups. Miranda really enjoyed sitting in a ultra girly room full of pink roses. I, on the other hand, was ready to jump out of my skin. Pink overload!!!!

While we waited for our elaborate plates of special treats to arrive, Miranda and I were having a little “end of the week” chat and discussing the week’s events. She was telling me how much fun it was to do things together and how she wished I didn’t have to work so we could always do things together. I was trying to hold in the tears that wanted to spill out, but I had to keep it together to say a few words. I explained to her that when the baby comes, it will be difficult for me to give her my full attention because the baby will need me a lot. I tried to assure her that I will do my best to spend time with her as much as possible. She was nodding her head, slurping her tea out of a spoon, and her eyes were glued to the kitchen waiting for the goodies to come out. Great! So much for our little heart-to-heart mother-daughter session. 🙂

I think spending this week together was very helpful for both of us. For Miranda, she is back on track. She is doing things on her own, listening and following directions, and the whining has stopped. My “old” Miranda is back! As for me, I learned that I can break away from work/my computer to spend time and delight in my daughter’s presence. The work will always be there but my precious time with my child can easily slip away if I don’t cherish it now. This week has been a good reminder of where my priorities lie. Family first!

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