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If you have been following our blog for a while, you probably know that I am pregnant with my first baby.  With this comes a lot of other “firsts.” It has been a fun and an easy-going process so far, though nothing short of just that, a process. I have learned a whole lot these past six months about myself, and even more about my baby. New discoveries are around every corner, and come with the dawn of each new day. 

Our little man, whom we have agreed to call Elijah, has been making big headway in his development. At each doctor’s visit, they tell me that, “He is very ‘active’.” Let me tell you, I couldn’t agree with them more! This kid is a mover! He flips, he flops, he kicks, he flutters, he pokes and it seems he even hiccups.

I think that there have already been and will continue to be some very memorable (mostly good- memorable) moments in my pregnancy. I was sharing this thought with one of my favorite customers, Pattie Hill from Chocolate Pattie in Rockford, IL the other day and she shared a precious moment that she had while she was pregnant with her own daughter. I thought, “Wow! I hope I have a moment like that too.” Here is what she said:

I couldn’t wait to see the feet on my babies… my daughter was thinking, even back then…she would stretch and I would try to tap her foot…she would stop and then do it again…so I would tap… :)”

How neat is that?!  Do you have any memorable moments from your pregnancy? Please share them with us.

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