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Who would be comfortable with a belly this size?!

Who would be comfortable with a belly this size?!

About two months ago I was complaining about my last trimester. Well, I should have been enjoying it back then instead of complaining about it, because the last MONTH of pregnancy is even worse!

This weekend I realized that I’m SO DONE with this pregnancy! All because I can’t find a comfortable position to sleep in. I’m supposed to lie on my left side for better circulation. But when I do, I wake up in the middle of the night with all my right fingers numb! I can’t even form a fist. (My doctor said that this is absolutely normal. It happens.) So I turn over and lie on my right side, only to wake up  an hour later with my right leg in pain. (My doctor said that this is absolutely normal, too. Cripes!) So, I roll over to my left side again and, once again, my fingers are numb. I do this so much throughout the night that I feel like a rotisserie chicken!

But the pregnancy blues don’t stop there. Every time I roll over, I have to get up and pee. Or if I do finally fall asleep, I get woken up by a massive leg cramp! To top it off, I’m swelling everywhere! I can’t wear my wedding ring, I can’t wear my watch, and my left foot is bigger than my right. (This better go away after pregnancy because there is no way I’m going to buy two pairs of shoes in different sizes.)

I’m counting the weeks left. I have five more but I’d be happy to deliver at 37 weeks. Oh, to be comfortable again.

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mandmomI’m at 35 weeks and may have less than a month before my little munchkin arrives. It has been an easy pregnancy for me, despite the gestational diabetes, but it has been very difficult for my daughter. She has started seeing the difference since two months ago. I can’t do the things that I used to do with her. I can’t carry her, help her tie her shoes, or ride our bicycles to the park. Her Daddy has to do all of that. She has also noticed that I don’t have a lot of patience these days. When she has spilled yet another glass of water or has dropped her snack all over the floor, I have to take a deep breath and ask her to go somewhere else before I lose it. She cries because I’ve hurt her feelings, and I cry because I feel guilty for hurting her. (I’m crying just writing this!) It just isn’t right, and I want to make it up to her.

This week is, what our household calls, “Mommy and Miranda Week!” It’s a 5-day event where my little girl and I will do something fun each day – just the two of us! (Daddy’s jealous.) I have been planning and researching our daily excursions for weeks now and it’s finally here! Obviously, this post has been written prior to this week because Momma ain’t working this week so I can devote my time with my precious first born. (I might sneak a post every now and then, if you’re lucky. ;-))

Here’s a list of some of the things that we’ll be doing:

  • Miranda loves the “Wizard of Oz” so I’m taking her to San Francisco to see “Wicked.” We’re even going to ride the BART train. That’s an excursion in itself.
  • She enjoys learning about how things are made, so I’ve planned a trip to the “Jelly Belly” factory.
  • We’ve had a couple of tea parties with her friends before, but she’s never been to a real tea house. For lunch one day, I have made reservations at a local tea house where we will be served sandwiches, crumpets, scones, and, of course, tea! We’re even going to get dressed up for this occasion.
  • She has always been fascinated with outer space, planets, stars and rocket ships. She and her Daddy could look at the night sky for hours! So I have arranged to visit the Chabot Space and Science Center and see a show in the planetarium.

Hopefully, spending an entire week together and giving her my undivided attention will help her feel more secure, as well as reassure her of  how important she in our lives. Our family may be growing, but our love for her will never change because a new baby will be entering our world.

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