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Parents and family friends often ask, “How tall do you think your child will be?” You may ask yourself, “Will they be short, tall, or average?” While there is no magic way to look into the future to see how tall your kiddo might be when they grow up, a number of methods exist, according to the Mayo Clinic, and none are definitive. However, it can be fun to guess what your child’s height will be, and for some kids, it may be medically necessary. As long as you can track a few statistics, you can gauge the potential range for your child’s full height.

  • Child’s Height Predictor – Predict your child’s future height based on his or her genetic potential (which is based on the parents’ mid-parental height), fill in the following form with the height of each of the child’s parents. Your child has a 68% chance of being within 2 inches and a 95% chance of being within 4 inches of this predicted height. Keep in mind that other factors may influence your child’s growth, including his overall health and nutritional status. Click HERE to take this quiz.
  • Numerous methods of predicting adult height have evolved over the past several decades. The methods have become increasingly accurate, but the improvements in accuracy are largely due to the volume and types of data used to make the calculations. One of the earliest methods was to simply multiply the child’s height at age 2 by a factor of two. This method, however, was typically only accurate to within about 2 inches for males and 3 inches for females. As more data became available from the Fels Longitudinal Study, this method was refined to a series of equations based on height at age 2 as well as sex. This refinement improved the accuracy to within 1.3 inches for both males and females.

 Step 1
Measure the child’s height as close to age 2 as possible. If the child is more than 2 years old, then use previously recorded data from as close to her second birthday as possible.

Step 2
Convert the child’s height to units of inches by multiplying feet by 12 and adding any additional inches. For example, a height of 2 feet 11 inches would be [(2 ft) * (12 inches/ft)] + 11 inches = 35 inches.

Step 3
Calculate the predicted height by substituting the height in inches at age 2 into the appropriate equation. For boys, multiply height at age 2 by 1.37, then add 22.7. For girls, multiply by 1.17, then add 25.0. For example, for a boy that was 35.0 inches at age 2,
[(35.0 * 1.37)] + 22.7 = 71 inches.
For a girl who is 35.0 inches at age 2,[(35.0 * 1.17)] + 25.0 = 66 inches

Step 4
Convert the predicted height to feet and inches by dividing by 12 and taking the remainder as inches. Using the examples from step 3, (71 inches) / (12 inches/ft) = 5 feet 11 inches, or 5′ 11″
(66 inches) / (12 inches/ft) = 5 feet 6 inches, or 5′ 6″. 

  • Automatic Child’s Height Calculator – Note: A wide variety of medical conditions and ethnic backgrounds can cause a child to reach an adult height different from that predicted using this tool. If you are concerned about your child’s height or think that your child may be growing too fast or too slowly, consult your pediatrician. Click HERE to find out how tall your child might be.

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