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Mom was looking for something to jazz up a mundane day so she started taking fun photos of her daughter, Parker (6 months-old). We are thrilled that she chose to share the results with us. This little angel face couldn’t be more precious and she seems to LOVE the camera. We see big things for her future!

A little bird told us that Parker has a big sister, Sydney, who looks out for her. When do we get to see photos of her mom? Congratulations to Parker on being crowned the Le Top Darling of the Day!

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These precious twins (now 4-months-old) are too cute for words. I’m sure they will be finishing each other sentences and reading each others thoughts in no time. We are pleased as punch to honor Chloe and Joseph as our Darlings of the Day.

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So cute!” was a phrase I repeated often during the photo shoot as I hastily ushered the parents and their talented toddlers to set.  It was impossible to ignore how adorable all the little models looked! Peggy (our amazing hair and make-up stylist) had lots of tricks up her sleeve to make the little darlings even more lovable. From teeny tiny pig-tails to fresh flowers  woven into a little girl’s hair – the models looked absolutely precious!

I hurried between the waiting room (AKA the design room) and the set (AKA the warehouse) all day. Whenever we were short on time my pace turned into a gallop – something that could only be visualized with a Benny Hill show soundtrack in the background. Fortunately – apart from a couple of stranded parents I found wandering aimlessly between rows of boxes – I managed to get all participants on and off set on time. Needless to say, working with models that are bundles of joy is a lot of fun! And boy, are they cute!

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