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As parents, especially of little ones, it becomes tough deciding what to do on New Year’s Eve. Ever since my daughter was born, I haven’t celebrated New Year’s like I used to. That is… getting dressed up to go to a party, drinking champagne, dancing, getting home by 3 AM, then sleeping in the next day. The past four years has found us struggling just to keep our eyes open past 10 PM so we can at least see New York’s celebration. We go to bed shortly after that because we know our little girl will be waking us up for breakfast at the usual time.

This year we will be celebrating with other friends who are parents of little ones. We will try to party it up like we used to. But even if we don’t stay up late or dance the night away, we will at least be in the company of friends and all our children.

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What’s your favorite brown bag lunch?

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