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Lilah in her favorite Le Top "Farm Friends" pieced shirt

My daughter and I were playing at the park the other day. She was high up on the play structure and wanted me to catch Dolly when she threw him down. After refusing to throw him until I backed up (which I did), he landed at least five feet in front of me with a THUD on some equipment. Without a pause she said,

Now that’s gonna leave a mark!”

– Lilah (4-years-old)

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For many adults exercise is a chore, but to most kids it is second nature, and more importantly – fun! Almost everyday that I pick my daughter up from preschool, she wants us to run around the empty parking lot, climb up the concrete block wall, and run along the top of it – over and over, back and forth. She acts as my personal trainer pushing me harder than I would ever push myself. If it’s not the parking lot, then it’s to the park to play tag or run up and down the play structure. You may think that kids are just playing around, but I realized in actuality, kids are setting the groundwork to be more focused and smart in the future.

Recent studies show that physically fit children perform better on academic tests, as well as have faster reaction times (mentally) than sedentary children. Does exercise make kids smarter? A Columbia study suggests that when you exercise, a high volume of blood flows to the hippocampus (an area of the brain associated with memory), and may help to produce fresh neurons. A separate study showed that active children have a “significantly larger basal ganglia, a key part of the brain that aids in maintaining attention span and ‘executive control,’ or the ability to coordinate actions and thoughts crisply,” according to the New York Times.

In 2008, a primary school had to cut back on academic instructional classes in order to make more time for physical play. A study was done (Trudeau and Shephard) on the effects of exercise and a child’s academia; and though you might expect a child’s academic performance to suffer if they are not spending more time in the classroom, studies found that kids either maintain or improve their academic performance. So why are schools cutting sports and Physical Education classes?

Do these studies prove that exercise makes kids smarter – not necessarily? It is possible that smarter kids are more likely to seek out physical activity. Either way we know that exercise is good for the body and is probably beneficial for the brain.  We have nothing to lose by encouraging kids to exercise. FYI – You might want to follow in your child’s footsteps because the same is true for exercise in adults!

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Lilah at the park

Lilah in le•top Kaleidoscope pants and pink top at one of our recent park outings

I realized last night that my daughter and I would be changing our ‘after school’ routine of the past months.  I normally pick her up at daycare after work and head for the park to give the swings a little workout before heading home.  When I picked Lilah up around 6 pm last night she exclaimed ‘It’s dark!’  Indeed it was.  I had promised the park when I dropped her off at school, forgetting that the time had changed.  I could not keep my promise, since the park is not open after dark.  Luckily she understood that going to the park in the dark would not be much fun, and seemed to want to head towards our comfortable house as much as I did!

I love this time of year.  It makes me want to put some cider on the stove and snuggle up with my little girl and read a book.  Granted that is not what usually happens, since preparing dinner and doing the usual chores beckon.  Hopefully we can fit some of these cozy moments into our routine – bringing a different reward than the sunny days of swinging and climbing on the play structures.  “Once upon a time…”

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