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Great News!  Our limited-edition rabbit moon plush blankets are the exclusive steal-of-the-day on BabySteals — these four beautiful, plush, double-layer blankets are soft chenille on one side and deluxe velour on the reverse. They come in colors: rose, blue, pomegranate, navy (reverses to tan.) 30 x 36 crib size. Washable and snuggly! Go to BabySteals and get a steal on this exclusive — for yourself, or as a very special baby shower gift!  These blankets have been known to become a child’s favorite…steal one away before they disappear!

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Nadine and her one and only (until now) Magic Blanket

Nadine with her one and only (until now) Magic Blanket

We all know how important a child’s “blankie” can be, heck back in college, TWO of my roommates still had their blankies on move-in day! So you can imagine the palpable sense of urgency in an email sent to us by a loyal rabbit moon customer in Huntington Beach, CA:

I would like to find out how I can purchase one of your pink blankets, as it was my daughters first blanket, and it became her favorite one. One she will not let go! I want to make sure that we have a backup plan in case something happens to hers!!…Please let me know!!

Nadine takes her blankie everywhere, and we mean everywhere! Poor mom is left with a very upset little girl when it comes time to give blankie a “bath”, because, according to mom, it is not just a blanket, but a “Magic Blankie” for the way it instantly soothes Nadine when she feels troubled. We were able to direct her to a new blanket so Nadine doesn’t have to go through any more crises (like bath time) without her number one sidekick. I could almost hear the big S*I*G*H of relief on mom’s end of the computer when I emailed that she was getting a back-up Magic Blankie!

You know…on days like this…we love our jobs here at le•top more than we can possibly say!

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