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No, I did not say that!

Child: I’m rich! I have a lot of money in my robot bank to save for college.

Mom (with one eyebrow up): How did you get all that money?

I find them all over the house! Then I put them in my robot bank. I found money in your purse, too. The paper kind.”

– Justin, age 5

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I recently learned that my nephew asked the tooth fairy for $20 for his tooth! I remember as a child being excited for a Susan B. Anthony coin or a half-dollar! I couldn’t believe how children’s perceptions of the value of money has changed in only a few decades. It made me start to think how fortunate I was to have giving parents and how they taught me how to manage money. We will all agree that kids need to learn the value of money. Most kids learn the basics of money and making change in grammar school, but probably won’t learn how to manage money unless they choose finance as a career path.

Here are some tips I learned from my parents:

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