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There are so many ways to record your baby’s life and milestones. My mom kept a baby book for each of her children, and till this day, I treasure it! In fact, I love reading and comparing my development with my daughter’s development. My daughter started eating solid foods at 6 months, yet my mom had me eating steak and chicken at 4 months! Boy, have the times changed.

This is probably overkill (either because she’s my first child or I’m an over-achiever) but I have a baby book, a website (updated monthly), and several scrapbooks for my daughter. I can’t seem to stop recording her life! My husband asks every time I have filled yet another scrapbook, “So what are you going to do with these scrapbooks?”

Me: They’re mine! When she moves out and goes to college, I’m not giving these to her. I’m keeping them. These are MY memories.

Husband: So when are you going to stop scrapbooking and updating her website?

Me: When she’s graduated from high school. No. When she’s finished her doctorate. Wait! After she gets married. Uh… maybe when she has children. I don’t know. Don’t ask.

Do you do the same or am I just insane?

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Memory lane visits through scrapbooking!

Memory lane visits through scrapbooking!

…submitted by: Dawn in Logan, UT

Ever think about how you have such great photos of your precious children, but now – would they just give you a free moment to do something with those photos?!? I got into scrapbooking when my daughter was just a newborn. Despite the time-thief a baby can be, it was easier to get photos into albums when she hadn’t started crawling! I loved doing things the old fashioned way (this was 2000) with colored papers, stickers, and photos. I was fortunate that someone introduced me to the home based business of Creative Memories, and I soon got lots of supplies and ideas from my Creative Memories consultant. Soon after, my daughter was crawling, and I had my hands full only taking photos and just keeping her out of trouble! My scrapbooking time became limited to when I could leave the house to participate in scrapbooking crops, or when she was asleep (though I never trusted her that I’d leave out my supplies!)

Over the past eight years, the scrapbooking industry has boomed and changed. Now one can do digital scrapbooking pages, send them to a local printer and slip the colored printed pages into an album, or even pay a company to print out an entire album for you. There is software (both free and for sale) from various companies to aid in the process of digital scrapbooking…you don’t have to use scissors, just a mouse! I haven’t totally converted to this new age of scrapbooking, as I still have a closet full of scrapbooking paper, stickers, pages, and tons of photos!

My scrapbooking time is still limited, but at least (most of the time) photos don’t go bad! And whenever I finally get photos into albums, my family loves them!

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