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Shop the le•top collection of baby and children's clothes at Eber Jeeber

Shop the le•top collection of baby and children's clothes at Eber Jeeber...and also join in on the fun!

Amy has the perfect personality for a baby and children’s store — she knows how to have fun! She runs Eber Jeeber, an upscale baby store in Overland Park, KS (a great, southern suburb of Kansas City). Her creative and entertaining ideas bring her customers in and show them a great time, both young and old! She is gearing up for a Spring full of events, starting with a Valentine’s Day box-decorating extravaganza! Just $5 outfits your child with a customizable heart-shaped box and a myriad of color paints for budding artists to have a blast decorating it. And when the Easter Bunny comes hoppin’ around this April, you can be sure Bunny will be shaking its whiskers at Eber Jeeber for a major photo-op with the kiddies. A local photographer will be on hand to capture the whole scene (and provide your family with a special snap for the Rogue’s Gallery). Check out all these fun events and our le•top Spring Collections on Amy’s newly redesigned Website, (www.eberjeeber.com). If you’re nearby, Amy would love to see you, so drop in to see what’s happening and browse the great wears: Eber Jeeber: 4937 W. 119th Street, Overland Park, KS. Phone: 913.663.3237.

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