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vintagebabyOver the weekend, I was going through my daughter’s old baby clothes, sifting through what I saved, and figuring out which ones I could use for my next little munchkin. I felt like I was going down memory lane as I perused and combed through each article of clothing. Oh, how much my little baby girl has grown. I can’t believe she’s 4 years old!

As I continued to go through the box, I found a le•top baby footed coverall! It was a baby shower gift I received when I was pregnant with Miranda, and I remember exactly who gave it to me, too (a very close friend of my mother’s). What’s so amazing about this little outfit was that it still looks and feels like new, especially compared to the other outfits I had tucked away. The fabric is still soft and luxurious. It didn’t look worn and overwashed. It looks just like the first day I got it! Amazing… after all these years! (I could probably save this one for my first grandchild, which will be many, many, MANY years from now.)

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