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Rayna, the magical birthday girl and niece of the magical uncle!

Rayna, the magical birthday girl, and the niece of the magical uncle!

Sweetie has many nieces and nephews, and until recently, Rayna has been the youngest niece. For her third birthday, Sweetie sent Rayna a very cute card. It was the kind that folded accordion style, with 3 different kittens on it, all dressed up in intricate outfits, with cut-out layers and so on. I think we’ve all seen these kinds of very cute cards. Well, according to Rayna’s mom, Rayna thought it was the BEST thing EVER! She kept it at the table while eating breakfast, just so she could look at it some more. They went out in the truck, and she had to bring it with her. Over and over, she talked about the cute dresses they had on, the cute little baskets they were each holding, the pretty purple hat one was wearing, the sparkly glitter that was all over the card, etc., etc., etc.!

Finally, there was a pause in her awestruck monologue…and then she said, in utter, wide-eyed wonder, “Howww did Uncle Matt MAKE this??!!”

And of course when Rayna’s mom told us this story, we all had a riotous laugh about it because Uncle Matt, I mean, Sweetie, is one of the least likely people on this planet to do any such thing as hand-making a card with kittens! 🙂 But it’s always amazing to be let into the mind (and very interesting perceptions!) of a young child, as well as seeing anew, something we adults see as just a cute birthday card. Even though it was her birthday, Rayna was the one giving us all the gifts.

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