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multitask_womanI consider myself lucky to have the job I have, where I get to call stores all day. It is absolutely fantastic, especially because I develop friendships with my customers and get to hear about their kids and grandkids and all the wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful!) things that are going on in their lives. Like Aimee Liani, owner of Hiccups in Rockville, MD. I love this woman! She has two beautiful girls, a super handsome husband and a sweet children’s store (she even started Hiccups’ Website this past year, and is gearing up to sell online very soon). One day we were chatting about her le•top and rabbit moon orders and all of a sudden she screams and says, “I have to go! Eggs just exploded all over my kitchen!“, (yes she even works from home some days). I started laughing and said of course, but quickly added that I wanted to hear the full story later! It turns out she was trying to do too many things at one time and the hard boiled eggs she was cooking exploded all over her kitchen! What a riot! Aimee also has a great sense of humor to share this story and laugh about herself.

Editor’s Note: Hiccups is located at 1616 Rockville Pike, #C, in Rockville, MD 20852. It’s a great boutique to find fabulous le•top and rabbit moon kid’s clothes for yourself and for baby showers and children’s birthday gifts. Phone: (301) 816-0016. Their Website is under construction, but we’ll give you an update as soon as it launches.

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