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I don’t know how all of you get your child dressed on time in the morning but it has been a struggle for me. I’ve have been searching for a solution to this dilemma. I have noticed more and more that my almost 4-year-old has been asking me what time it is. I’m not sure she really understands what she’s asking or if since Mom and Dad both have a watch and seem to care, she should too. Well, we are using it to our advantage!

I recently let her choose a Buzz Lightyear watch, but it was just too distracting while in her classroom. Instead I replaced it with a plain digital watch in her favorite color, green. She loves it because she feels like a grown up. Now we can tell her to start getting dressed on her own when the watch says 7:50. If she doesn’t, we can say we will take the watch away because she’s not using it properly. It seems to be working for the moment. Now if I could just figure out how to take it off military time. 🙂 

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Paulo in le•top Walking with Dinosaurs long-sleeved shirt and overalls. So proud to be standing on his own!

It was just a regular morning. My husband and I woke up and got the kids ready. Usually we each take a child and get him/her dressed. Then while Miranda puts her shoes on, we place Paulo in the crib so that we can get ourselves dressed. It was the usual morning routine. But this particular morning, we heard Miranda yelling, “Mom, Dad, come here!!!” We thought perhaps Paulo had hurt himself or that she saw an insect in her bathroom, so we both rushed out of our bedroom and followed the sound of her voice.

“He’s standing! He’s standing! Paulo is standing!” Oh, my! I thought crawling at 5 months was early, but standing at 6 months?! At this rate he’ll be walking at 7 months!

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