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car_collage1It was the year 1999. I had just gotten a raise at my (then)  job and things were looking up. I always wanted a convertible, and I had the opportunity to get one. So I decided to splurge and bought one. It was a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. Her name was “Betsy” (as in Itsy, Bitsy Spider… I don’t know why, but I have an obsession with naming my cars.). My family and friends—and even my husband—thought I’d regret it, saying that I would never have the top down because we don’t get too many warm, sunny days (Hello, we live in California!), and that my hair would get messy. Guess what? They were wrong! I loved driving Betsy. I felt free and alive! I loved to feel the wind whipping through my hair and hearing the whirring sound of the cars that passed me (or those I zoomed by. Hee-hee!). I especially loved warm, summer nights when I could cruise around town with the top down. Betsy and I, owning the road. Ahhh…. freedom! (more…)

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