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A lot of parents are giving singer Gwen Stefani a hard time about her son, Kingston, 2 years-old, and bleaching his hair. I personally don’t think it is that wrong. Is it wrong to paint a little girl’s fingernails? It is all beauty and outer aesthetic, so I don’t think it is that wrong. If a mom was forcing a child to bleach their hair because they wanted her or him to look “cool,” that is another subject, but if a child asks to do it, and it doesn’t hurt his or her health, why not? Part of her son probably wanting to dye his hair is about wanting to be “like mommy” which is a big compliment seeing how she is stylish and a successful, young parent.

When I look at her son Kingston with a matching platinum hairstyle, I think it is super fabulous and there is no such thing as too young for bleach….well, unless it was a baby. 🙂

Do you think it is okay to dye a child’s hair?

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