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Having a baby changes any mom or dad’s life and alters the way you look at the world. There are so many perks to having a baby – forget the no-sleep nights! Here is a short list of reminders on why babies make life so much better:
  1. Having a baby turns a couple into a family.
  2. You learn to be selfless.
  3. Children enrich your life and bring wonder – children wonder each and every day and bring that wonder to your life too.
  4. Children are the world’s best teachers. They teach you about the different stages in life and not to mention, why the sky is blue, names of dinosaurs, etc.
  5. You get to be a kid again. Having kids allows you to do silly and childish things like watch cartoons, play games and throw a ball around.
  6. You see everything for the first time again through the child’s eyes — even ants are amazing.
  7. A single smile can outweigh the worst day.
  8. If you rest your child on your chest, your hearts beat in unison.
  9. When he laughs, he shakes, drools, and almost keels over, but it’s the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. So you make him do it again and again.
  10. You think about the future in bigger and brighter ways. You picture him heading off to kindergarten and graduating from high school.
  11. You anticipate and even dream of little things like a first tooth, a single step, or his or her first words of “mama.”
  12. You forget about things you used to care so much about, because they actually don’t matter at all.
  13. You finally understand what “a mother’s instinct” means. Lol.


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