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My nephew recently lost both of his front teeth and is our new little jack-o-lantern of the family. I secretly think he wants the pay out from the tooth fairy – just kidding. However, the tooth fairy (eh-hem, my sister) gave a pretty good “Tooth Fairy gift” of $10! I started to think how some kids don’t react so well to losing teeth and what could be tips to help your child through this process.

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After all that wiggling and the loose tooth still not falling out, Grampa Joe came to the rescue. With a piece of floss and a little tug, that little baby tooth went flying up in the air, hit the wall and bounced somewhere in the living room. Miranda was too busy laughing to realize that she was bleeding from where her tooth was. The Tooth Fairy came for a visit, and she was very generous! She gave Miranda a spinning toothbrush and a five-dollar bill since the first tooth was a special one. Finally, Miranda can go to school and write her name on the tooth chart at school! Yippee! Then my daughter completely surprised me. She decided to donate her tooth money to Operation Rice Bowl because she said she wanted to help the poor during Lent. I’m so proud of her.

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