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jurassicIt is surely Jurassic Fantastic out here in the le•top world of Dinosaurs! Ross Gellar might not think our Dinos-in-need-of-braces are historically correct, but we sure think they’re cute! We can’t get enough of the Dino-on-the-behind two-piece and neither can our customers…they are chomping at the bit for this prehistoric era-inpsired outfit. Don’t forget to check out our great sleeveless romper, it’s Dino-rific!

1131420-21Jurassic Fantastic comes in size 3 months to 4T and is sure to please everyone, even if we are laughing as little Wadey J. scoots away with his little behind swaying to and fro! Stomp by Sweet Peas in Myrtle Beach, SC or find a store near you by using our store locator!

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We made it to a Super Bowl Party! As posted last week, Smarty Pants in Tampa, FL sent Jerry O’Connell our adorable Daisy Dot Dress for his new twin daughters…and here he is, holding it up! The next best thing would be to see one of his daughters wearing it, so if you spy a photo, please share it with us! Meanwhile, to get this cute dress and other outfits in the Daisy Dot Spring ’09 Collection, use our store locator to find a le•top retailer near you!

Jerry O'Connell holding Smarty Pants Gift and our le•top Daisy Dot dress, as seen in popsugar.com

Jerry O'Connell holding Smarty Pants' gift bag and our le•top Daisy Dot dress, as seen in popsugar.com

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