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Obviously, my love for design pervades all areas of my life, not just fashion and designing fabulous baby clothes! I love finding new (or old) things to decorate the house. I visit antique stores for inspiration. I reupholster and paint vintage furniture I find on the street, as well as investing in sturdy and long-lasting key pieces. If you get even just a few pieces of what you love and create nooks or special clusters in your home, it can become a great focal point. It can become a special, treasured area to spend a little extra time just taking in your loved pieces before getting on with your day. I think it feeds the mind and heart to take pleasure in the visual beauty of our own making, no matter how little or inexpensive it may be. And, here are my favorite “nooks” in the house.

I'd love to see the special nooks in your home (or office!), so please share!

le•top blog would love to see the special nooks in your home (or office!), so please share!

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neonSince I was a child, my favorite color has been what I call, “highlighter-green” (yes, even though I’m one of the designers for le•top baby with the beautifully soft pinks and blues!). More than anything else in the world, I wanted a highlighter-green ball gown! I’ve even asked Russian Santa for it on several occasions…but, it was understandable that he probably raised an eyebrow in confusion while reading my letters – “highlighter-green gown?!?!?”

As my mom and I strolled through a local mall one day, I saw a rather out-of-place “prom” gown boutique selling what appeared to be replicas of the Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella style gowns! As luck would have it, they had one in highlighter-green! I couldn’t believe that my dream would finally come true! My mom, unfortunately (for her!), does not share my love for neon. She looked at my over-puffed, neon-green tulle, enormous ball of a dress, and said, “Are you kidding?” Thus, my dream of having a neon green ball gown were dashed. Fortunately (for me!), the fashion world has finally caught on! Since I follow and love all things even remotely related to design (and fashion and furnishings!), I’ve noticed neon colors are temporarily in…hopefully they’ll stay “in” (for adults!) a little longer!

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