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Miranda holds her certificate with pride.

Miranda holds her certificate with pride.

Over the weekend, we went to a “Sibling Celebration” class at my hospital. My husband and I thought that it would be beneficial for Miranda (and ourselves) to go to this class as preparation for the new baby entering our lives.

In class, we watched Miranda make a friend in 5 seconds! (I admire this about her.) All kids made baby photo collages and drew pictures of their new families. (Apparently, even after the baby has arrived, I will still have a belly bump. Also, you will notice that Miranda drew herself in her le•top Pink Leopard dress. How cute is that?) The class took a little tour of the nursery where the new big brothers and sisters got a chance to see a brand new baby!

We returned to the classroom and had circle time where the teacher showed the kids how to hold a baby, change its diaper, burp the baby, etc. I thought it would make me cry to see my little girl hold the doll, but instead, I felt the exact opposite. I was beaming with joy as I watched her carefully cradle the baby. She would even tickle the doll under the chin. She was a pro! She’s going to be a magnificent big sister. It all comes so naturally to her.


Our new family

Our new family. (Miranda in her le•top Pink Leopard dress)

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