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Today’s Darling, Bailey Jane, comes to us from Louisiana. This 5 1/2-year-old cutie loves to play dress up (shown here in Le Top’s Rockin’ Reindeer stripe waffle shirt, fur-trimmed skirt with leggings and matching cap) and sing. She is so sweet!

Thanks to Melissa from Sweet Melissa Little Ones’ Boutique for sharing your granddaughter with us. Congratulations to Bailey Jane for being the Le Top Darling of the Day!

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If today’s darling doesn’t get you in the spirit of the holidays then we don’t know what will. In these pics, Connor (18-months) is trying on the Le Top “Rockin’ Reindeer” stripe waffle coverall to scare his Mom, Dad and Pop. He truly is a jolly happy soul!

Connor is an only child, first grandchild on mom’s side of the family, and the eighth on dad’s side. Give him a ball and he’s a happy boy. He holds a major fascination with water, the shower, a water hose, and rain. Did we mention he loves eggs? Though he’s 100% boy he’s also a Mommy’s boy..and loves his Pop. Congratulations Connor on your title of Le Top Darling of the Day!

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