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Beat the summer heat and take a break to read about the most adorable and fun boutique in Decateur, Texas – Sunshine Square! We spoke with owner Laurie Washburn about the inside scoop on her latest summer deals at her store, warm-weather fashion, her “go-to” items from her store if she was deserted on a tropical island, as well as what she swore she’d never do before she had kids!  Enjoy and become a fan on Facebook below!

108 West Walnut Street
Decatur, TX 76234

or go to www.sunshine-square.com for more information

Sunshine Square’s Facebook page and click HERE


1.    What was your inspiration behind opening your children’s clothing store – Sunshine Square? Where did the name come from?
Laurie: Having three children and constantly searching for unique clothing inspired me to have a vision of a store dedicated to great quality boutique fashions. The name Sunshine Square came from a collaboration of friends and family.

2.    Tell us the inside scoop about any special events that you have planned at your store this coming summer and fun deals we can expect.
We are located on the Historic Downtown Square, so there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy. From special parades, family movie nights, girl’s night out, petting zoos, antique car shows, and Santa Claus, there is always something going on at the square. Of course we just started our annual summer clearance sale to make room for our new fabulous fall styles. We are also getting ready for a big back-to-school sale. I am always thinking of creative sales to offer my customers – so check out our Facebook page and website so you don’t miss out!

3.    What are this season’s latest trends for kid’s clothing? Tell us the 3 “do’s” and 3 “don’ts” in kid’s clothing style.

Sunshine Square's interior features Rabbitmoon's Fall 2011 "Magnolia" collection

Laurie:  This season’s latest trends for kid’s clothing would have to be bold and colorful, fun, ruffles, rompers and tutus.

  • Dress your child in comfy clothes that feel good to move around in.
  • Let your child pick out a few clothing items themselves.
  • Make your child feel good about what they are wearing – make them feel like a princess or prince.
  • Don’t dress your child in restrictive clothing that makes them uncomfortable and fussy.
  • Don’t dress your child older than what they are – cherish every moment they grow up so fast.
  • Don’t judge what your child chooses to wear – they have the right to express themselves.

4.    Tell us…before you “had kids or grandkids, what is one thing you swore you’d never…?” Please share!
Before I had kids, I swore I would never lick my thumb and wipe my kid’s face clean (also known as a “spit bath”). I did not like it when my mom did it to me and my kids do not like it when I do it to them.

5.    Decatur, Texas sounds exciting! Describe the neighborhood your store is in for us.
Sunshine Square is located on the Historic Downtown Square. The courthouse sits right in the middle of the square and is made of solid pink granite. It is a beautiful site to see. The square is full of antique shops, clothing stores, gift stores and restaurants. There is shopping and food for everyone.   

6.    What do you feel are the three biggest keys to your success?
The three biggest keys to my success would have to be:

  • Longevity of the store – Sunshine Square has been in business for 27 years and we see generation after generation shop in the store.
  • Loyal customer base – I always keep an open mind and am receptive to customer suggestions and cater to their needs and wants.
  • Variety and selection – We have a great selection of unique and stylish clothing for our customers to choose from.

7.    If you were a new mom and got stranded on a deserted island – what 5 items could you not live without from your store?
If I were stranded on a deserted island I could not live without: 

  • Any clothing piece by Le Top or Rabbitmoon – you just can’t beat the softness and durability.
  • An incredibly soft, ultra plush blanket by Little Giraffe – all babies love to snuggle up with this blanket and take a nap.
  • A pair of Mooshu squeaky sandals – the squeaky sound helps me to keep up with my little one.
  • Blossom’s Buddy Blanket by Bunnies by the Bay – plush floppy eared bunny with snuggly soft pink velour security blanket.
  • Kalencom diaper bag to keep all of the great baby items together. 

Their boy's section features Le Top's Fall 2011 "Ready for Takeoff" footed coverall and Rabbitmoon's Fall 2011 "City" stripe coverall

8.    Tell us about a “special” moment that made your day working at your store.
A special moment that made my day was last Christmas when we adopted a family and the kids came into the store and picked out outfits and accessories. The sparkle in their eyes and their smiles lit up the whole store. We all shared a special moment.

9.    Where are the best/essential family hangouts and places to go around your store locations?
The best family hangout around our location would have to be Sweetie Pies Ribeyes. They have the best steaks around! It is a great family restaurant and the kids love their chicken fingers.

Of course we are only about 30 minutes northwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth area so we are close to everything imaginable – several zoos, water parks, Six Flags, Texas Motor Speedway and much more.

10.    What Le Top or rabbitmoon Spring/Summer 2011 collection is your store’s favorite and why?
Our favorite collections would have to be the Le Top “Heart’s Delight” for the girls and the Le Top “Puppy Pals” for the boys. We love the bright fun colors and the softness of the fabric. These styles started selling before we could get them unpacked! Of course any Le Top or Rabbitmoon style sells out super fast.

or click HERE for the Sunshine Square website for more information

Sunshine Square’s Facebook page and click HERE

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Today we are thrilled to interview Sandy Coonley, owner of One Stop Kid Shop in Malvern, PA for our Store Spotlight. Sandy is an active member of her Victorian era community, has a great take on dressing a stylish child, and a bright and beautiful store jammed packed with everything a kid could want. Read more to discover today’s “Premier Store Spotlight” with children’s boutique One Stop Kid Shop. Enjoy!

One Stop Kid Shop
131 West King Street
Malvern, PA 19355

Join One Stop Kid Shop’s Facebook page and click HERE 

1.    What was your inspiration behind opening your children’s clothing store – One Stop Kid Shop?
Sandy: I have been in retail my whole life. I have a degree in Retail Management from Syracuse University. Until I had children, I worked in many positions for a variety of stores, including being a clothing buyer and a store manager. I was working at a children’s store when my youngest child left for college, and at the same time the owner of the store decided to close. So it was a natural progression for me to take over and in 2009 One Stop Kid Shop was born!

2.    Tell us about any special events that you have planned at your store this coming summer and fun deals we can expect.
Sandy: We just had our Anniversary Sale. I mailed postcards to my customers. On each card was a peel off sticker and under the sticker was a discount ranging from 20% to 40% off their entire purchase. We challenged the customer not to peel off the sticker until they came into the store. One Stop Kid Shop will have a red, white & blue sale before July 4th – keep a look out and come by!

3.    Describe the neighborhood of Malvern, Pennsylvania where your store is located. Did you grow up in the local area?
Sandy: Malvern is a small Victorian era town with Victorian street lamps and brick pavers. All the stores, restaurants and businesses are locally and independently owned. The business owners all know each other by name as well as their customers and delivery people. Though I did not grow up in Malvern, the area has been my home for 22 years.

4.    Memorial Day and summer break for kids is just around the corner. What are 3 vacation clothing must-have items that are in your store for summer?

5.    Where are your favorite family hangouts in the Malvern area?
Sandy: YMCA – they have activities for kids, families and adults. The YMCA has indoor and outdoor swimming pools, several gyms, workout facilities and sports fields. My children went to preschool and summer camp there, and today when they are home they go to the weight room to get in a workout.

6.    Tell us about a “special” moment that made your day working at your store.
When the children try on clothes we ask them to give us a fashion show. Some of them are shy at first, but to see the confidence on their faces when they come out of the fitting room and spin around always brightens my day.

Le Top wall featuring outfits (clockwise from top left) from our spring 2011 “Flutterbye Butterfly”, “Beachy Keen Monokinis”, “Poppies”, “Puppy Pals”, “Heart’s Delight”, and “Hop To It!” collections

7.    What do you think are the 3 perfect ingredients if there was a “recipe” for dressing a stylish child? Always having solid basics? The perfect tutu? Great jeans that are durable for the everyday play of boys? Tell us your ‘secret recipe’ on style.
Sandy: Every boy needs a pair of chinos or twill pants that can be dressed up with a dress shirt and tie or a polo shirt or just be casual with a t-shirt. A basic navy blue blazer is a must in every boy’s wardrobe. For girls, she needs leggings in basic colors that also can be dressed up or down depending on what she wears on top. No girl’s wardrobe is complete without a fancy dress that makes her feel like a princess.

8.    Sesame Street is instrumental in the lives and homes of so many families and children throughout the ears, who was/is your favorite character and why?
Sandy: Elmo – he is full of life and laughter. He is always inquisitive and optimistic. 

9.    What collection or piece from Le Top or Le Top Baby line or Rabbitmoon do you love from the Spring/Summer 2011?
Sandy: Le Top’s “School of Fun” Collection – I love the styling and bright colors.  This collection started selling as soon as it was put on the sales floor.

Le Top's "School of Fun" collection

One Stop Kid Shop
131 West King Street
Malvern, PA 19355

 Join One Stop Kid Shop’s Facebook page and click HERE

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