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We are looking for models for our upcoming photo shoot. If you think your child may have what it takes bring them to our go-see. Click on the flyer for a larger version.



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Lucas, born January 29th, is the newest member of the Le Top family. Though his big brother, Ryland (almost 3 years-old), modeled for us in a past season, it’s clear that Lucas is a natural for the job while wearing our Fall 2009 “Baby Giraffe” footed coverall. So cute! We’re told his favorite thing to do is sleep and his big brother loves to give him kisses – mom and dad sure are lucky! Congratulations to Lucas for being our Le Top Darling of the Day!

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A funny thing happened the other day. A potential vendor came in to our office to discuss his services. He saw all the photos on our walls and realized that our Le Top playwear line was one that his son modeled for back in 2001 (Le Top Wildlife Park collection spring 2002). He later sent me the photo and it happened to be the one I look at everyday while eating my lunch in our break room. What a co-ink-ee-dink!

Spencer now 10 years old (this month) and way too big to model our clothes. He is still a super cutie and also an athlete that loves to play many sports. Though soccer is the sport of the moment, his absolute favorite is baseball. Spencer is not just a one trick pony, as our former model is also a Cub Scout (currently at the rank of Webelo) with the ultimate goal of becoming an Eagle Scout. Go for it Spencer! We know you can do it.

His dad tells me that 5th grade starts soon and “he is very excited about it because it will be his last year before he moves into middle school”. I guess he is looking forward to a year of being a big fish is a small pond. Those were always my favorite years too!

Keep up the good work Spencer and be sure to keep us ‘in the loop’ about your life.

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For most kids, pets are more than just animals, they are members of the family and best friends. My cousin Josh and his family recently lost their first dog due to old age. His name was Magnus and was a huge part of the family, and like a sibling to their 3 (Spencer) and 1 (Gracie) year-old’s lives. Unfortunately, the wonders of owning a pet goes hand-in-hand with the heartbreak of losing one, whether it be because of old age, illness, or an accident, which can be very difficult.

Magnus and Grace

Pets are often the first to greet kids in the morning or after school. Many times pets may be the one your child looks to for comfort and companionship when ill or feeling unpopular or upset. It is natural to want to protect children from painful experiences, but any parent can help them cope with it. Many times, a pet’s death might be their first time losing a loved one for a child.

I had a dog growing up named Piglet. Yea, strange name, but she was a sharpei (the really wrinkly dogs) and kinda funny looking, but a loyal and loving dog. She actually used to be a “model” in many of our old Le Top campaigns! What I did learn from coping with her loss was that parents are the best judge of how much information a child can handle about death and the loss of their pet. My mom was honest and told me Piglet had cancer – it was tough, but I am glad she didn’t’ lie. Don’t underestimate children. You may find that, by being honest with your kid about your pet’s loss, you may be able to address some fears and misperceptions they have about death.

Here are some tips on how to tell your child:

1.   Share the News
One of the most difficult parts about losing a pet may be breaking the bad news to kids. Try to do so one-on-one in a place where they feel safe and comfortable and not easily distracted.  Try to gauge how much information kids need to hear based on their age, maturity level, and life experience. If your pet is very old or has a lingering illness, consider talking to kids before the death occurs. If you have to euthanize your pet, you may want to explain that the veterinarians have done everything that they can your pet would never get better this is the kindest way to take the pet’s pain away the pet will die peacefully, without feeling hurt or scared. It’s OK to use words like “death” and “dying.” Be brief, and let your child’s questions guide how much information you provide.

2.    Tell ‘em the Truth
Avoid trying to gloss over the event with a lie. Telling a child that “Rover ran away” or “Maestro went on a trip” is not a good idea. It probably won’t alleviate the sadness about losing the pet.

3.    Helping Your Child Cope
Don’t feel compelled to hide your own sadness about losing a pet. Showing how you feel and talking about it openly sets an example for kids. When my cousin’s little boy, Spencer, first learned that Magnus died, he was angry, but then learned to accept the loss of his pet. My cousin later cried from missing Magnus, but also seeing his children hurt.  Spencer went up to my cousin Josh and said, “It’s okay daddy.” Seeing Spencer learn from Josh was an example of how showing your child your own feelings sometimes helps them cope too.

Like anyone dealing with a loss, kids usually feel a variety of emotions, and might experience loneliness, anger, frustration that the pet couldn’t get better, or guilt about times that they were mean to or didn’t care for the pet as promised. Help kids understand that it’s natural to feel all of those emotions, that it’s OK to not want to talk about them at first, and that you’re there when they are ready to talk.

4. Moving On
After the shock of the news has faded, it’s important to help your child heal and move on. Help your kids find special ways to remember a pet. You might have a ceremony to bury your pet or just share memories of fun times you had together. Write a prayer together or offer thoughts on what the pet meant to each family member. Share stories of your pet’s funny moments or escapades. Most importantly, talk about your pet with love and affection often. Let your child know that while the pain will go away, but happy memories are forever.

This post is dedicated to my cousin Josh and his loving pup Magnus. He lived a long, drooly and loving life.

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Kids and their entourages everywhere!

Our “Calling All Cuties” casting call was a huge success!  Last season we had a fabulous turnout – we saw over 125 kids come in and try out to be a ‘le•top kid.’  Our Fall 2010 season casting call last week brought out

a whopping 146 kids!  Have you ever been in a small space with oodles of kids?  Let’s just say that it was organized chaos – what a spectacle! Here, there and everywhere – cute kids in our office, our foyer, and spilling over to our front lawn! Of course we had these little ‘stars’ entourages as well…their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and in many cases their siblings. Wow! We love it! 

Our entire Design department was fully committed to this endeavor – shuttling clothes to the next in line (overcoming little problems like twins who ONLY want to dress alike!) – getting all the pertinent information – and sending them in to the inner sanctum!  Our Front Office staff couldn’t help but to join in the ‘fun’ by getting everyone to sign in and helping everyone out in anyway possible.  Hmmm, I wonder if any customers called…I can’t believe a phone could even be heard over all the noise! Kristin, our ace inside salesperson, and Marilyn from our Production department collected kids’ measurements – a real feat when you have a squirmy 1 year old!  It took five and a half hours with minimal breaks for Chris, Karen and Charly to accomplish the impossible task of choosing which of these adorable kids would be our next photo shoot stars.  Very difficult to choose…how does Simon, Randy and Kara do it??? 

Thank you to everyone that came in and weathered the storm!  We wish we could use all of these darling children! 

Next up….the photo shoot.

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Our Fall 2010 photo shoot is fast approaching and Le Top is looking for children to model our unique clothing!

We are searching for babies and toddlers between the ages of 7 months and 4 years that wear sizes between 9 months and 3T (unwashed).

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and your child loves to be on the lens side of a camera…read on!

Please provide the following information to skelly@letop-usa.com and we will send you all the pertinent information regarding the go-see and photo shoot:

* Child’s name
* Guardian’s name
* Boy or Girl
* A couple of recent photos of your cutie
  (snapshots are ok)
*Clothing size
*Shoe size
*Email address
  (please send one email per child)
*Can your child walk or stand on their own?


GO-SEE: January 6th at our Richmond, California headquarters
What is a go-see? It’s a day when children come in for an audition (to try on clothes!)

PHOTO SHOOT: Week of January 18th
If your child is chosen, they MUST be available for one or more of the photo shoot dates.

REQUIREMENTS: All children must secure a valid working permit – we will supply all the information necessary – and sign a usage agreement. Information regarding compensation will be included in our return email.


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The “le•top Family” has been working on reducing our ‘carbon footprint’ – and we know that it all starts at home.  Robyn, Assistant Credit Manager and mom, decided to combine 2 lessons into one – responsibility for our environment and financial independence!

Kira Showing her Recycling Earnings

Kira showing off her recycling earnings

Robyn decided that her 9 year old daughter Kira (a model since she was 6 months old!) was ready for a little more responsibility.  According to Robyn, “Recycling is an important factor in helping the environment therefore it has become part of my family’s daily routine. Things we use everyday can be recycled and it doesn’t even take much! Kira has been practicing the 3-R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! My family and I have always used the recycling bin given by the city but never thought of turning some of the material in for cash. My husband and I made a deal with Kira; if she is responsible enough to take care of all the recycling, including rinsing out cans, jars, and bottles and placing them into the appropriate bins, then we will take her to the local recycling center to turn it in for cash. It’s a fun activity for her because not only is she saving the planet, she also gets to keep the cash all to herself. She’s making a difference and having fun at the same time!”

I thought this was an awesome way to motivate – and great for the environment!  When my daughter Lilah is a bit older we will definitely utilize this idea.  I have to admit…I do not love rinsing out everything – so why not give her a chance to earn some pocket money!  By the way…would this count as an ‘allowance?’  Do parents still pay ‘allowances’ – or am I dating myself?

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Kristin's Ready to Bake

Kristin's Ready to Bake

Baking…a fun activity with a built in reward!   Although I am not an expert cook I just LOVE to bake!  My mom always created ‘special time’ for the two of us by inviting me into the kitchen when she was cooking; and although I didn’t pick up on her cooking skills, I thankfully did pick up on her baking skills.  These were great bonding moments for us – mom would dress me up in my own little apron, and gave me the important job of letting me read from the cookbook and pour in the ingredients that she had carefully measured out:

Mom: “a teaspoon of salt”

Little Kristin: “like this mommy?”

Mom: “yes – very good!”

I think many people share similar memories in the kitchen with their mom.  Robyn, our Assistant Credit Manager here at le top, has a beautiful daughter – Kira.   (Kira has been a “le top baby” for a very, very long time!  The announcement of Kira’s upcoming birth came very soon after Robyn began working with us ten years ago!  She modeled clothes in our ads from the time she was a baby until she outgrew our sizes!)  Robyn and Kira were baking cupcakes (and building memories together) in the kitchen, and as usual Kira was “Chief Decorator.”  Robyn left the kitchen for a few moments and came back to find that Kira had made a present for her – a custom cupcake proudly exhibiting mommy’s company logo “le•top!”  Robyn was in awe at the quality and accuracy of the logo…she just had to take a picture to share with us!  We knew we had to pass on this work of art to our loyal bloggers, so…TAT  DAA!  We present Kira’s le•top cupcake masterpiece.

Kira's Surprise for Mom

Kira's Surprise for Mom

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